Bean Bag for Little and Big Butts


When I was a kid, I had a hot pink bean bag. My brothers had blue and yellow ones. We’d sit on them and watch The Cosby Show and Full House and OK, pound each other with them for fun, or not. When you’re a kiddo, what’s not to love about a bean bag? They’re comfy, cozy and a huge novelty when it comes to chill-axing.

I know my toddler would rather sit on a bean bag, as opposed to our whimsical rose colored, over-stuffed couch with tan pinstripes and  hard, flower-dotted throw pillows.

Lucky for him, I found a really cool one–it’s splattered in paint. I said paint! Wanna see? This seriously over-sized, foam bead-filled cotton canvas (spot clean) bean bag chair with allover splatter painting print is bright, fun and best of all, super-duper comfy! Your toddler/child will love to lounge in it and watch Dora, sit and read (or be read too)–even nap (please nap!). The cushy chair molds to and hugs the body.

Makes a great addition to the family room and can be considered unique, yet functional decor to a play space. Because it’s not clad with a specific character or color, it stands the test of time–a toddler or teen will love this seat.


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