Beautiful Mother and Child Knitwear from Lithuania


I just discovered this beautiful collection of handmade knitwear from Lithuania. The products are focused on children but they also make women’s hats and scarves as well. Click through to see the classic, artisan clothing.

  • Pilot’s Hat for Mom 1 of 5
    Pilot's Hat for Mom
    This classic pilot style hat is super chic for any mom.
    € 30.00 at Bug 2 Hug
  • Eco Sweater 2 of 5
    Eco Sweater
    This sweater is perfect for everyday wear and made from 100% eco-friendly wool.
    €49.00 at Bug 2 Hug
  • Cousin’s Hat 3 of 5
    Cousin's Hat
    This hat is made from 100% merino wool.
    € 11.60 at Bug 2 Hug
  • Artist’s Sweater 4 of 5
    Artist's Sweater
    This ombre sweater is handmade from wool and extremely comfortable.
    € 13.00 at Bug 2 Hug
  • Cowl Neck Scarf 5 of 5
    Cowl Neck Scarf
    This is a great way for kids to keep warm. The scarf is handmade from 100% wool.
    € 20.30 at Bug 2 Hug

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