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My friend, Lisa, introduced me to FashionABLE. They are changing the lives of women in Africa, one scarf at a time! Here’s how it works: FashionABLE partners with non-profits to create jobs for women in poverty and desperate circumstances. All the net profits from the business go back to these women and to help set up a stronger economy. Each scarf is named after one of the women and handmade in Ethiopia by many of the women whose names you see on the scarves. I love this idea! See the lovely handmade scarves and inspiring stories, next:

  • Dember Scarf 1 of 5
    Dember Scarf
    Each scarf is named after one of the scarf makers or a woman whose life has been changed for the better from the purchase. This one is a gorgeous 100% cotton scarf with plum and teal stripes.
    $32 at FashionABLE
  • Mulu Kids 2 of 5
    Mulu Kids
    FashionABLE also makes scarves in kid sizes! This one features cobalt blue stripes.
    $19 at FashionABLE
  • Bezuayhu 3 of 5
    Each scarf comes with a story of the girl it is named after. Here is Bezuayhu's story: "I am now 19 years old. My parents had passed away and I used to live with my aunts and grandparents. They always wanted me to work and not to go to school. So, I came to the city, and there I came to this life of prostitution. Now, it feels so good to get up in the morning and say I am going to work. It feels so good to have a scarf named after me. I'm so proud to be called a scarf maker."
    $28 at FashionABLE
  • Mulu 4 of 5
    This cotton scarf comes in a range of gorgous colors, from navy blue to brick red to sky blue.
    $28 at FashionABLE
  • Etanesh Stripes 5 of 5
    Etanesh Stripes
    This sweet scarf is made in a deep eggplant color with pale rose stripes.
    $32 at FashionABLE

Read more at FashionABLE.

All photos: FashionABLE.

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