Because White Socks Are Boring


Let’s talk about socks. I read in one of our guidebooks, that in Paris, it’s considered very tacky to wear white socks. And honestly, when I’m visiting the city, I hardly see them anywhere.

Another story: I have a friend who buys crazy knee socks (like super bright with tons of patterns) and wears them under her boots. She said she likes knowing they’re there, even though no one else can see them. She said her favorite source is Sock it to Me, a company that specializes in statement socks for teens and grownups (looks like they have some cute baby legwarmers too).

As for me, I like a subtle pattern on my socks. If I gave you a peek of my sock drawer, you’d spot plaid, stripes, and polka dots. When I see crazy patterned socks, they make me think of the girls I knew in high school who seemed super confident and daring.

knee high socks for women

Tell me, what’s your take on white socks and patterned socks? What do you look for in a sock? Have you ever gone through a crazy sock phase?

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