Because You Never Outgrow LEGOS


My aunt came over yesterday with a special gift for my two-year-old son: A signed copy of Christoph Neimann’s I LEGO NY book. I hadn’t heard of the book (but I now see it’s pretty popular), so I assumed that a LEGO-centric book would be for LEGO-loving kids. Eh, yes and no.

Each page depicts familiar NYC scenes and objects with LEGO minifigures. And while toddlers love the brightly colored board book featuring a favorite toy, they just don’t get the clever, creative references — like the Subway Series hats, metro card or jam-packed Holland Tunnel. Even those unfamiliar with the NYC lifestyle will chuckle at the smart creations.

Take a look at some of my favorites:

You can buy a copy of I LEGO NY on Amazon for $10.17.