Ben Folds Five, Plus Fraggles!


Ben Folds Five is back with their first new studio album in 13 years, The Sound of the Life of the Mind. The Fraggles, friends to children of the eighties, are also reuniting for a new movie. What happens when you bring the two together? Magic.

We have Nerdist Chris Hardwick to thank for making it happen.

In a meeting with Lisa (Henson, CEO, The Jim Henson Company), she casually said, ‘Next year is the 30th anniversary of Fraggle Rock. Would you want to do anything with the Fraggles?’ ‘WHAT THE (expletive)?? That’s an OPTION?!’ I loudly replied. I think I scared her a little. I knew Ben had a new album releasing in September so I threw his name out. Lisa said ‘that would be amazing’ without hesitation. It was beautifully serendipitous.

Watch the video below!

[via Gawker, video still via Stereogum]

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