Reducing Overindulgence at Christmas


Most of us enjoy a simple Christmas, but for some reason it can be difficult to tone things down.  Enter this fabulous idea to simplify gift giving–something we think is up there with sliced bread.

To read about this lovely, thoughtful, holiday philosophy, click after the jump.  Wait until you hear what the kids think about the idea!  You may be surprised.

“Want”, “Need”, “Wear”, “Read” tags  – originally designed by Dandee Designs, who has since closed her Etsy shop for the holidays. However, you can make your own with a plain tag.

What Danyelle does is purchase 4 kids for each of her children.  Because she isn’t buying a million things, each gift is thoughtfully planned and purchased.  You may be interested in knowing that none of her 5 children have ever complained about this method of gift giving (Santa still comes to deliver his one gift for each child too).  Sometimes the “need” gift becomes the favorite if you can believe it!  So whadya say…want to give it a try?!