Best Affordable Halloween Costumes for Kids


If you don’t have the time (or skills, or desire) to make your child’s Halloween costume, and if you don’t have the budget for an elaborate pricey costume, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a run-of-the-mill, same-as-everyone-else costume.

There are plenty of store-bought costumes that are creative and well made — and that cost less than $50. Here are some of my favorites for 2012:

  • Baby Sushi, $39 1 of 31
    Baby Sushi, $39
    One of the new Halloween costumes from Pottery Barn Kids — and certainly one of the cutest Halloween costumes you can buy.
    Sizes: 0 12 months
    Buy from Pottery Barn Kids
  • Triceratops Costume, $39 2 of 31
    Triceratops Costume, $39
    Elaborate, adorable, and under $40.
    Sizes: 2 6 years
    Buy from Chasing Fireflies
  • Little Gnome, $49 3 of 31
    Little Gnome, $49
    Chasing Fireflies has some of the best store-bought Halloween costumes you can buy, many of which are pricey. But these little gnomes are under $50!
    Sizes: 6 months 4T
    Buy from Chasing Fireflies
  • Yoda Costume, $25 4 of 31
    Yoda Costume, $25
    A Yoda Halloween costume never feels tired.
    Sizes: 0 4T
    Buy from Chasing Fireflies
  • Where the Wild Things Are, $19.99 5 of 31
    Where the Wild Things Are, $19.99
    Same goes for Max from Where the Wild Things Are, which sell for well over $100 on Or you can just pick up this $20 costume from Party City.
    Sizes: 2T 4T
    Buy from Party City
  • Super Why Costume, $29.99 6 of 31
    Super Why Costume, $29.99
    Such a cute and affordable costume for kids who love this educational PBS show.
    Sizes: 3T -4T, Small
    Buy from Party City
  • Sock Money, $12 7 of 31
    Sock Money, $12
    Again, it never gets old. And how can you beat a $12 costume?!
    Sizes: 12 18 moths
    Buy from Target
  • Little Lamb Costume, $39 8 of 31
    Little Lamb Costume, $39
    This lamb costume looks way pricier than it actually is.
    Sizes: 6 months 4 years
    Buy from Chasing Fireflies
  • Pirate Costume, $17.50 9 of 31
    Pirate Costume, $17.50
    And it even comes with a sword. Sizes: Large (10/12)
    Buy from The Children's Place
  • Super Mario, $34.99 10 of 31
    Super Mario, $34.99
    Super Mario (or Luigi) is a cool costume whether it's 1986 or 2012.
    Sizes: small (4 6) to large (12 14)
    Buy from Halloween Express
  • Batgirl, $38 11 of 31
    Batgirl, $38
    Who says boys are the only ones who want to be superheroes?
    Sizes: 4 14 years
    Buy from Chasing Fireflies
  • Princess Leia, $24.99 12 of 31
    Princess Leia, $24.99
    One of the most popular costume ideas, year after year.
    Sizes: Infant (6 12 months), Toddler (2T 4T)
    Buy from Costume Express
  • Cardboard Paper Doll Costume, $29.99 13 of 31
    Cardboard Paper Doll Costume, $29.99
    One of the most unique and creative store-bought Halloween costumes on the market. And Pottery Barn Kids offers a variety of paper-doll-style costumes.
    Sizes: 2T 8 years
    Buy from Pottery Barn Kids
  • Alice Costume, $32.99 14 of 31
    Alice Costume, $32.99
    A darling Alice in Wonderland costume.
    Sizes: Small Large
    Buy from Halloween Express
  • The Flash Muscle Chest Deluxe Costume, $17 – 24 15 of 31
    The Flash Muscle Chest Deluxe Costume, $17 - 24
    Spiderman, Captain America, and Batman are three of the most popular Halloween costume ideas for kids this year. But Flash? Flash is a cooler, lesser-used alternative in the sea of Superheroes.
    Sizes: medium, large
    Buy from Target
  • Infant/Toddler Owl Costume, $39.99 16 of 31
    Infant/Toddler Owl Costume, $39.99
    Can you believe this elaborate owl costume costs less than $40?
    Sizes: 6 months 2T
    Buy from Target
  • Garden Gnome, $19 17 of 31
    Garden Gnome, $19
    It's a gnome! For under $20!
    Sizes: 12 months 4T
    Buy from Target
  • Deluxe Bumblebee Transformer, $29.99 18 of 31
    Deluxe Bumblebee Transformer, $29.99
    There's no denying the obsession that little boys have for Transformers. At least this costume is both cool and affordable.
    Sizes: Small (4 6) to Large (10 12)
    Buy from Party America
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, $19.99 19 of 31
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, $19.99
    The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are coming back — and any '90s-loving parent can be excited about that.
    Sizes: 2T Teenage
    Buy from Toys R Us
  • Sunflower Costume, $15 20 of 31
    Sunflower Costume, $15
    The perfect costume for your growing baby — and it happens to be affordable.
    Sizes: 0 18 months
    Buy from The Children's Place
  • Wonder Woman, $29.99 21 of 31
    Wonder Woman, $29.99
    An affordable Wonder Woman costume for little ladies.
    Sizes: 2T 4T
    Buy from Toys R Us
  • Baby Owl Costume, $49 22 of 31
    Baby Owl Costume, $49
    I adore this owl costume, whether it's for an infant, toddler, or big kid. I especially love that Pottery Barn Kids offers matching trick-or-treat bags for most of their costumes.
    Sizes: 12 months 6 years
    Buy from Pottery Barn Kids
  • Cupcake Costume, $15 23 of 31
    Cupcake Costume, $15
    There's no doubt that Old Navy has some of the cutest Halloween costumes for the cheapest prices.
    Sizes: 0 5T
    Buy from Old Navy
  • Monster Costume, $15 24 of 31
    Monster Costume, $15
    Like this monster costume that costs less than 20 bucks.
    Sizes: 6 months 5T
    Buy from Old Navy
  • Fish Costume, $13 25 of 31
    Fish Costume, $13
    New to Old Navy this year, this fish costume would be cute for a boy or girl.
    Sizes: 0 5T
    Buy from Old Navy
  • Banana Bunting Costume, $13 26 of 31
    Banana Bunting Costume, $13
    And how can you resist a little bunted banana?
    Sizes: one size
    Buy from Old Navy
  • Watermelon Costume, $15 27 of 31
    Watermelon Costume, $15
    From the watermelon in your belly to the watermelon in your arms.
    Sizes: 6 24 months
    Buy from The Children's Place
  • Squiggly Piggy Costume, $39 28 of 31
    Squiggly Piggy Costume, $39
    In my opinion, this is one of the cutest costumes in the bunch.
    Sizes: 6 months 4 years
    Buy from Chasing Fireflies
  • Fuzzy Flamingo, $34 29 of 31
    Fuzzy Flamingo, $34
    Another affordable option from Chasing Fireflies.
    Sizes: 6 months 4 years
    Buy from Chasing Fireflies
  • Witch Costume, $17.50 30 of 31
    Witch Costume, $17.50
    This cute witch costume even comes with a matching broom — and for under $20.
    Sizes: XXS (2/3) S (5/6)
    Buy from The Children's Place
  • Fairy Costume, $17.50 31 of 31
    Fairy Costume, $17.50
    A crowd-pleasing Halloween costume for any little girl — and for any day of the year.
    Sizes: XXS (2/3), XS (4)
    Buy from The Children's Place

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