Best Family Car: SUV or Minivan?


My husband and I had a serious conversation this weekend: when the time inevitably comes that we need a bigger car, will we go with an SUV or a minivan? We’re not quite to the point of purchase yet since we only have one kid, but we’re at the point that it’s close enough that we need to start saving for the upgrade. My husband’s first reaction was, “I don’t know why minivans get such a bad wrap, they seem practical to me. Are moms really embarrassed to drive them?” To which I reacted like I wouldn’t be embarrassed to drive a minivan but in the back of my mind I was thinking, “SUVs do look a whole lot cooler.” When it comes down to it, I know the final decision will be made based on the following factors: gas milage, dependability and whether it’s affordable. Maybe I can find one that’s stylish that fits that criteria? And so the research begins.

Tell me, do you own a family friendly vehicle? Have you been happy with it? Would you consider a Ford Escape?

top image: Playful Learning

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