Bethenny Frankel Chooses Cloth. Guess Which Kind?


Last night I was watching my guilty pleasure — Bravo TV — and, more specifically, Bethenny Frankel of Bethenny Frankel Getting Married?, Real Housewives of New York City and Skinny Girl fame. As I voyeuristically watched her support system frantically scramble to prepare for a five-week-early baby during Bethenny’s long labor, we saw our first look at her style as a mommy — not a Skinny Girl or pregnant fiancé.

Did you catch it?

Bethenny stands on the cloth side of the diaper war — and the brand she chose is actually my personal favorite:

(Photo: Albert Michael/Startracks via

When Bethenny’s assistant, Julie, opened the package of cloth diapers for the baby nurse, I recognized the patterns and packaging as the ones sitting in my baby’s drawer.


They are technically a new brand (which I reviewed here), but you just might know them under their old, popular brand: Gro Baby. (Don’t worry; old Gro Baby shells are compatible with their new upgrade.)

The all-in-one, one-size cloth diapering system will grow with baby Bryn as she grows into toddler-hood. And if Bethenny gets frustrated with the six-times-a-day pooping in these organic-cotton pads (which are so incredibly soft), she can use a plastic-free, biodegradable BioSoaker — which can be composted, flushed or thrown out. And if she’s tempted to cross to the other side (who isn’t?), she can try their new BioDiapers: Disposable diapers that are biodegradable and compostable, plus free of plastics, fragrance, chlorine or chemicals.

How very eco-conscious, Bethenny.

If you’re thinking about trying them out (which I personally recommend), GroVia is having a sale until the end of the month: Buy one package of BioSoakers and get a free package of BioWipes.

Do you agree with our diapering choice? Have any better suggestions?