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Bethenny Frankel Chooses Cloth. Guess Which Kind?

By michellehorton |

Last night I was watching my guilty pleasure — Bravo TV — and, more specifically, Bethenny Frankel of Bethenny Frankel Getting Married?, Real Housewives of New York City and Skinny Girl fame. As I voyeuristically watched her support system frantically scramble to prepare for a five-week-early baby during Bethenny’s long labor, we saw our first look at her style as a mommy — not a Skinny Girl or pregnant fiancé.

Did you catch it?

Bethenny stands on the cloth side of the diaper war — and the brand she chose is actually my personal favorite:

(Photo: Albert Michael/Startracks via

When Bethenny’s assistant, Julie, opened the package of cloth diapers for the baby nurse, I recognized the patterns and packaging as the ones sitting in my baby’s drawer.


They are technically a new brand (which I reviewed here), but you just might know them under their old, popular brand: Gro Baby. (Don’t worry; old Gro Baby shells are compatible with their new upgrade.)

The all-in-one, one-size cloth diapering system will grow with baby Bryn as she grows into toddler-hood. And if Bethenny gets frustrated with the six-times-a-day pooping in these organic-cotton pads (which are so incredibly soft), she can use a plastic-free, biodegradable BioSoaker – which can be composted, flushed or thrown out. And if she’s tempted to cross to the other side (who isn’t?), she can try their new BioDiapers: Disposable diapers that are biodegradable and compostable, plus free of plastics, fragrance, chlorine or chemicals.

How very eco-conscious, Bethenny.

If you’re thinking about trying them out (which I personally recommend), GroVia is having a sale until the end of the month: Buy one package of BioSoakers and get a free package of BioWipes.

Do you agree with our diapering choice? Have any better suggestions?


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283 thoughts on “Bethenny Frankel Chooses Cloth. Guess Which Kind?

  1. Rosana says:

    I tried for my first baby to do cloth but he was a big baby and he was almost out of the first size within the first two months, plus I work full-time outside the house so I had to put him in a daycare next to my work but they did not allow cloth diapers. I still want stop buying regular diapers so now for my daughter I will try BioDiapers and see how it goes. I have to stop thinking about the ridiculous amount to trash I create with my baby’s disposable diapers to not go crazy.

  2. michellehorton says:

    I agree, Rosana. That’s why I love the GroVia diapers so much – they grow with the baby so you don’t have to worry about them being outgrown! And although I do love the idea of cloth, I definitely supplement with disposables and hybrids – especially in the beginning. I tried a sample of their BioDiapers and they held up wonderfully – unlike the other “natural” brands. They’re a bit more expensive than Pampers but if it’s important to you I’d give them a try. The BioSoakers are a great hybrid too because you can flush them, and gDiapers is another brand that offers these hybrids. However, I found that the GroVia fits the best! :)

  3. Lucky says:

    I wonder if I could finance these things…

  4. pamela dayton time says:

    I had some before the rebranding, and I really liked them except for the velcro on the laundry/fastening tabs. Would *totally* swoon over them if they had snaps.

  5. Liz says:

    My husband and I do not have an income right now as I stay at home and he is a nursing student. We switched to GroBaby/GroVia. It was something I had wanted to do for years now. And their system fit best. We asked for them as a baby shower gift. you will drop some money in the beginning but your investment will pay off. EVEN if you stuck using the biodegradable disposable inserts they put out, you are STILL spending less for a pack of 50 liners, than you would at the store on ‘normal’ diapers.
    AND its better for the environment. Just my two cents

  6. Janel says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my GroVia cloth diapers. They are so easy to use I’m surprised the nanny was upset. She obviously didn’t even give it a try!

  7. Kelley says:

    I love the biosoakers and the Grovia system! Being green will benefit our children and grandchildren in the future! I am just hoping that all these high-profile people doing it will inspire more and more others!

  8. Valori says:

    We use GroVia and absolutely love them!

  9. Colleen McFarland says:

    We are new to cloth diapering and absolutely LOVE GroVia!! This is so much easier than I ever could have imagined. My husband and babysitter even love it. Wish we would have switched sooner!

  10. Daphne says:

    GroVia diapers are our FAVORTIE!! We absolutely love the AI2′s! They are wonderful for nighttime use, no leaks. Totally worth the investment.

  11. Kjirsten says:

    I dont have any GroVia but now I really want to try them out!!! Need a coupon though. : )

  12. Elizabeth says:

    This is so exciting! I LOVE my GroVia Diapers! I only wish I could afford to buy some more. They are the only diapers I have. They are super easy, convenient, absorbent, and CUTE!
    It is exciting to see so many people trying out cloth, and she has pretty good taste in them too ;)

  13. Naomi says:

    I stumbled upon the GroVia/GroBaby brand while using another (and less superior in my opinion) hybrid diapering system. I’m really happy I found them, as I’ve FINALLY found my perfect diapering system. My husband will even use them, which is a big plus because they go on like a disposable, which he can totally handle. I also like that I can use the BioSoaker’s on trips and still use my shells! Can’t wait for the new colors/prints to come out!

  14. Amy Dorsey says:

    I love the grovia system. I am new to cloth and this system has made it so easy to use and teach others to use. It has also gotten more people interested in using them!

  15. natalie says:

    When I first chose to make the switch, there was no doubt in my mind about which diaper to get. I ordered a sample pack of grobaby (grovia wasnt out yet) and fell in love with them! they are so easy to use and even though ive got a little chunk they fit fine. I am so excited to see the new prints and get some more in our stash!

  16. Amanda Cruz says:

    I haven’t tried these yet. But i would LOVE to! I keep hearing wonderful things about them. :-)

  17. Elizabeth J. says:

    I ahve been cloth diapering for 2 years and it has been a wonderful experience! We have saved so much money and my boys always look so cute!

  18. Kristin says:

    I really love GroVia! My favorite is the new AIO. So very trim and absorbent!

  19. Mieke Patrick says:

    I love my GroVia Diapers. I use the BioSoakers quite a bit so we are out a lot. I was out of them and ordered some so we could use them on vacation instead of just normal disposables. I love all the colors and especially the boy prints. I wish I could get more people to use them. No one I know personally uses cloth diapers.

  20. jes says:

    I love cloth diapering! I use cloth nearly exclusively. Until recently, I was using disposables when traveling with our daughter. But thanks to GroVia, I’m now using the BioSoakers with my cloth shells in place of disposables! The leg gussets prevent any leaks into the shell, unlike other brands. And they’re just as absorbent. LOVE! Thanks, GroVia!

  21. Denyse Leemon says:

    I have yet to use Grovia, but can not wait to try them. I got to see a few of the old version Grobaby and was very worried about the size. I can not wait to see the new prints, that is prt of what makes cloth diapering so much fun. I love the idea that you can use the biosoakers.. makes going on the road allot easier and a better option then using disposable diapers.

  22. Alaina says:

    I just started cloth diapering a month ago(I got suckered in by the cute colors from Gro Baby) and I’m so glad I did! It’s no nice and refreshing to see that cloth diapering is going mainstream, especially this diaper since I love it so much. I feel like I’m the only one I know around me who does cloth, so maybe this will give the exposure it needs for people to start talking and seeing different options than the traditional with pins.

  23. Sara Collins says:

    I used gdiapers briefly on baby number 2 but due to several crazy issues had to go back to sposies. So when number 3 came along, I was DEFINITELY doing cloth. I spent a fortune on g’s only to have them not fit DD at all. Constant leaks. I hated the idea of an AIO and having to wash the whole thing every time and really didn’t like the idea of prefolds and needing to use fasteners. I loved the idea of an AI2 and that led me to GroVia! I’ve sold off nearly every other kind of diaper I had and invested in these and LOVE them! They never leak, fit GREAT, are super cute, and will last until DD potty trains! Thank you for this awesome product!!!

  24. Laura says:

    We love GroVia. They are simply amazing. They are easy to use, easy to clean and very dad friendly. These are the only diapers that my DH will use out of our cloth supply. I am currently selling all my fitteds to get more GroVias!

  25. Grier says:

    OMG…I was so excited when I saw that Bethenny had a GroVia diaper! I love seeing high-profile people choosing to use cloth because it will just increase the awareness of how great it can be. We have 6 GroBaby/GroVia diapers in our stash and we LOVE them. We used the BioSoakers when we went on vacation this summer and they worked awesome!! Go GroVia!!!

  26. Amanda says:

    Cloth diapering has been one of my most favorite things in the past 9 months! I’ve blogged, commented, reviewed and done everything possible to get the word out to my friends. I tried GroVia after trying many other brands and was totally astonished when I finally picked them up! I love GroVia especially for the hybrid type diapers with the BioSoakers…can’t get much better than that! When you can’t really worry about doing laundry when you are on a long trip, something as simple as being able to change the insert, flush them even is even better! So excited about GroVia, the fit is great, it holds much better than aplix and are quickly becoming my go to diaper!

  27. Jen Varty says:

    I have used these diapers since my son was 3 months old. They are fantastic. I love being able to just snap in a new insert instead of replacing the whole diaper. Saves money and limits of laundry as well. I only use cloth with them, and they absorb great, we have even used them overnight!

  28. Bethany says:

    I’ve been cloth diapering my daughter for almost 2 months now (she’s 4 months old). A few weeks ago I got two GroBaby shells and soakers. I love them! They are super-cute and I love the way they fit her. Once she gets bigger I plan on getting some of the Biosoakers for when we go out (right now we use disposables for when we’re not at home). I am constantly fighting the urge to buy more of these diapers!

  29. Laura says:

    @Lucky–keep in mind that though it’s a cost up front, it’s savings over the long run.

    I haven’t gotten any GroVia diapers yet (I’m assembling a stash for baby #1, due in January), but they are at the top of my list for hybrids to try! I’m hoping to have the funds to get a few at some point–I love that I could use them as a cover with prefolds if I don’t have enough inserts!

  30. Annelee Giese says:

    I have had a great experience with the GroVia system! It fits both my 3 month old and my 2 year old really well.. and their hineys look beyond adorable in their little Bluebirds set! I am really happy with the system and can’t wait until the new prints are out. :)

  31. Daphne says:

    I think GroVia’s are worth the investment. The AIO’s are easy to use and super soft and the AI2′s are PERFECT for nighttime use. NO LEAKS! I love being able to reuse the cover and cutdown on the diaper laundry a bit :)

  32. Tanja says:

    I started CD in June with GroDiapers and have not looked back. :o )

  33. April Sando says:

    I love the new GroVia. Perfect for our outings.

  34. Melody W. says:

    I just bought a couple GroVia’s and they are my new favorite! They fit my 28 pound one year old! I plan on buying more for baby #2 debuting in November!

  35. Nichole Diemert says:

    I have GroBaby and one Grovia cover with the biosoaker. I love how easy they are to use compared to everything else I have. The disposable liners are a lifesaver when I go to town because I haven’t quite been brave enough to fully cloth when I leave the house. These fit better and more trim and look adorable on my little guy. I have never had a leak and even my husband who was SO ANTI-CLOTH loves them now because they are really no harder than disposables! Love Grovia!

  36. Nicole says:

    We have been using cloth for nearly 4 years now and the GroVia system is so nice! I love the hook and loop closures, they are not the scratchy kind that rub my babys tummy. The waterproof back on the snap in soakers is ingenius, and they wash up SO nicely! I can’t wait for more prints :)

  37. Heather says:

    I have been using the Grovia system for 3 weeks now with my newborn. It’s wonderful! She was 7lbs 8 oz and they fit her beautifully with lots of room to grow! I love knowing that I’m saving money and helping the environment at the same time. Her skin got very red in the diapers at the hospital, but the second we got home and switched to cloth that cleared up. We also LOVE love love the Magic Stick diaper ointment. It smells heavenly, goes on super easy, and really keeps her skin healthy. I wish I had cloth diapered with all my children now!

  38. Julia says:

    GroVia has worked well for us as a daytime diaper. I love that you don’t have to wash the shell for every single wet diaper. Cuts down on waste.

  39. Charlee Christian says:

    I am in love with GroVia. My very first intro to the cloth diapering world was with GroBaby and now GroVia continues to be our cloth diaper of choice. I am in love with how versatile the hybrid’s are and how we can use them in ANY situation traveling, babysitting, daddy usage, ANY!

  40. Elizabeth J says:

    We have been using cloth diapers for 2 years and it is definitely the right choice for us! We have saved so much money and my boys look so cute in their cloth diapers!

  41. Allison H says:

    We started with GroBaby and they are amazing. We love to use the Biosoakers when travelling. Im actually about to order more today. We use GroVia covers over a fitted at night and they are leak proof. Couldn’t ask for a better diaper. If you are are unsure about cloth try GroVia you won’t regret it!

  42. Nicole says:

    Love GroVia

  43. Erica Osters says:

    I just had my first child at the end of May and we had him in the grovia diapers straight out of the womb. A disposable hasn’t touched his bottom ever and he was 8 weeks yesterday. We purchased some other brands of cloth diapers and grovias quality and durability far exceed the competition! This was one of the best moves we could have made as a family for lots of reasons, over all cost, environment, potty training purposes, ease of use etc. Anyone looking to use cloth diapers…grovia is the way to go!!!

  44. Aurelie G says:

    GroBaby and GroVia have been some of my favorite diapers. I love the fit and how it grows with your baby and of course they have super cute prints too. I currently have 5 shells and 12 Soakers and that can easily get me through 2 days.

  45. Annette Robertson says:

    I love Gro-Via. I am glad she chose to start with this brand. I started with Grobaby and it changed our lives. After only two days with a couple shells and inserts I had to switch. I now will only use cloth and try and encourage everyone I know about cloth. I know have every color and print that Gro-Via offers, along with their wetbags and the new AIO diapers. I love Gro-via so much, I even bought a separate wetbag to giveaway as a prize on my cloth diapering blog. We love Gro-Via.

  46. Dayna says:

    I use cloth full time and only use gro-baby/ gro-via. I started cd’ing when he was 3 mos, and still at 16 mos its the only thing that’s been on his bum :-)

  47. Gina Walker says:

    I have the GroBaby diapers and I love love love them! I use them as my travel diapers with the biosoakers and they couldn’t be better! Love them! I had used gDiapers in the past, but I really prefer these! :)

  48. Ashley Taylor says:

    It’s nice to see celebs using cloth diapering. I try to spread the word about cloth diapering to my friends, but the media can show more people then I can. I have to say the grovis/baby really pushed me to cloth diaper. Their system is so easy to use, I recommend them to everyone. They have really opened me eyes to the world of cloth diapering and just being green overall.

  49. Melissa says:

    So excited we decided to try grobaby/grovia diapering. We were really intimidated at first, but it is so easy

  50. Shana says:

    Great to see people be getting into cloth. Grovia is a great diaper. They took an already good diaper and made it even better. The colors and prints are so darling. The biodiapers are a wonderful alternative to using disposable. Cannot say enough great things about Grovia!

  51. Jennifer says:

    I love that these diapers fit both my 9 month old son as well as my almost 3 yr old daughter. She’s been day time potty trained for a year, but at night still needs a diaper. They come in so many fabulous prints! I’ve tried a few cloth diaper systems and GroVia’s are by far the easiest to use, most stylish and have a great fit (not super bulky)! I’ve never had a problem with leaks and appreciate being able to reuse the shells! Thank you GroVia for making such an awesome product, and Bethenny for getting them on TV-hope it inspires others to atleast check them out!

  52. Paula N says:

    I’ve used GroVia for about three months now (previously GroBaby) and adore them! Easy to use, great fit, and husband friendly (My husband will only use our GroVia, no other cloth diapers because they’re so nice and easy). The BioSoakers are fabulous for outings too. Also, the shells dry super quick, so line drying is no problem. I can’t say enough about how much of an avid GroVia fan I am!

  53. Saddie says:

    GroVia diapers were my first cloth diapers I bought and after trying a few other brands they are my favorite! They are just so easy to use and I have not had a problem at all with them. I also like that that nothing “plasticy” touches my little one’s skin.

  54. Aubrey G says:

    We are relatively new to cloth diapering and tried GroVia on a whim. I have to say we absolutely love the shell sets and snap in soakers. They are by far the trimmest diaper we have, and the organic cotton is incredibly soft and absorbent. With the snap in soakers you don’t have to worry about the insert shifting around, and the gussets keep all the messes in! This is a one size diaper that realistically could fit a newborn and last through potty training. We haven’t experienced a single leak yet. I can’t wait to see what they will bring out next, I’m sure it will be great. Glad to see that celebrity moms are bringing attention to cloth diapers and to this wonderful brand!

  55. Stephanie says:

    Just recently switched to using cloth full time and the grovia’s are the only diaper that keep me using cloth. I love their trim fit and easy use!

  56. Gina Walker says:

    I love these shells with the BioSoakers for travelling! They are great!

  57. Charis says:

    WE have been using GroBaby and now GroVia since my daughter was 3 months old (she is now 1) and they work GREAT!!!! WE love the fact that we only needed to invest in one size diaper because they grow with your child. We have never had a problem with leaking and washing them is so easy as well (we use tiny bubbles) Now that i am pregnant with #3 i am excited that we can use the same diapers we already have on this baby, saving us a TON of money!!! Every babyshower i go to i always buy them two GroVia diapers and there are always a bunch of questions that i am hapy to answer for people. I highly recomend these diapers to anyone and everyone who has had the thought cross their mind about cloth diapering….you will not be disappointed!

  58. Lauren M says:

    We started out using disposables- still believing that cloth diapers were a stinky messy disaster. We started with the hybrid package with GroVia and within a week were completely transformed! We have only GroVia diapers, and believe they are just the best diapers on the market. For outings, we stuff our diaper bag with the disposable inserts so that we aren’t packing around a suitcase, and at home we are full cloth full time. We are yet to have any leaks with these diapers, we love sporting cloth… and of course LOVE sporting the adorable prints that GroVia stocks! I, as well, saw Julie pull out the seaside stripe diaper last night and was SO excited – although I couldn’t help but think… those need to be prepped… NOW!!! hehehe. Congrats to Bethenny, Jason and baby Bryn – and much applause on your choice to go cloth! <3

  59. rebecca s says:

    first of all, I am so excited for the exposure GroVia will get out of this! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my GroBaby/GroVias. They are really a trim, economical, and user friendly option…even my husband thinks they are as easy to use as disposables and he was not for CD in the beginning. I also really love that these diapers, which are an investment up front, will last my son until he is potty trained. Great diapers…organic cotton, easy to use, AND their is a disposable option for when we are on the road. WHATS NOT TO LOVE!

  60. Elizabeth Harris says:

    I love the prints and styles of my GroVia/Baby diapers. They are by far the cutest diapers I have ever put on my lo’s bum! Plus, they are so sturdy. They really feel like they’ll hold up to a lot! I’ve never had a poop-losion leak out and I’ve never had a bad fit. These are the all around best cloth I’ve come across! And, they fit under her clothes! The snapping in of the soaker is BY FAR my favorite feature (after the actual look on my lo). No more dealing with moving inserts and they are super easy for a babysitter, grandparent, or any other caregiver. Love my GroVia!!!!!

  61. Rachel DeVore says:

    I love my Grovia Diapers! They are soft and comfortable and very absorbant! No leaks yet! And the one size makes cloth diapering aforadable.

  62. Sonya S says:

    I have to say, these cloth diapers are fabulous! They are so easy to use and versatile. The prints and colors are awesome! And the aplix is the best on the market – very easy to use and it stays stuck!

  63. Heidi says:

    Absolutely!! My 15 month old is in 100% cloth & I couldn’t be happier! I have a Grovia AIO and it’s so nice!!!

  64. Anita says:

    I LOVE my GroBaby, and I’m sure will love the GroVia too. They are our absolute go-to for daytime use, and we haven’t had a leak in over a month. I love the cost savings and love knowing that we’re not contributing the landfill!

  65. Ashleigh says:

    I absolutely LOVE Grovia’s. They are so simple and easy even Dad, Grandma, and babysitters love them. Because of this system I have even been able to convert 3 of my friends to cloth!

  66. Guggie Daly says:

    I love grobaby/grovia! Their hybrid system won over my husband. He loves that he can pop in a liner or even a complete biosoaker. The diapers fit fabulously and they aren’t bulky! I switched my daughter to cloth completely after trying them and was so pleased that I bought a ton more for my baby due in September.

  67. Shayna says:

    I’m in love with the flexibility of Gro Via too! As a busy mom with and active career, I didn’t think cloth was feasible for us. But the Gro Via hybrids fit the bill perfectly. I love how easy and absorbent the BioSoakers are, and how the cute cloth cover really helps prevent the blowouts that are so common for my friends using regular disposables. Right now, we’re thinking “one and done” but if we ever change our mind, I’m definitely going to remain a Gro Via girl!

  68. Annalee says:

    I love Bethenny and I love GroVia so I was so excited to see she also is using them for her baby. I recently had my second child, my first was in disposables and had a hard time with rashes and I like most thought cloth was crazy and too difficult with a busy working mom lifestyle so they best I could do was switch to chorline free and eco-friendly sposies… Well ladies with baby no 2 (now 7 weeks old) I decided to do my research and find a cloth system that could work this time, and…. I found GroVia and I am so thrilled. I try to convert all my mommy friends consantly. I make them watch me change her dipes so they can see how easy they are and how great they are for the baby and the planet!!! I also have the bio-soakers for babysitters who are wary of cloth or when we are vacationing. Plus I think they are so cute, I just want to trade all our onesies for t-shirts so you can see them all the time! (Just wish they had some more prints!) I can’t say enough about them, I am hooked — addicted to fluff! :-)

  69. Melissa D says:

    I LOVE our GroVia diapers. The new one size is amazingly trim and I don’t have to size up her pants like I did with other cloth diapers. My first two children had cloth in the day and sposies at night…now I don’t have to go to the store to buy diapers EVER! We either use the compostable inserts at night or use the regular insert with a doubler.

  70. Natalia says:

    We’ve been using groVia since Sophie’s birth, almost 9 months now. This is by far the best cloth diaper ever – i don’t know why other companies are still in business. The diaper is pretty, easy to deal with and just overall a product designed by a smart mom – therefore, a smart product!

  71. Tatyana says:

    I’ve been diapering my baby in GroVia for a while and I couldn’t be happier. No disposable gives me the joy of not dumping tons of garbage on the landfill, no rash, and my daughter has the cutest bum in town, haha!
    I love, love GroVia soakers with the moisture proof layer. They are just wonderful!

  72. Ashley H. says:

    We have tried so many different types of cloth diapers for baby #1, it makes my head spin. We finally settled on the Grovia hybrids (cloth inserts) for the baby #2 and switched out entire stash for baby #1 too. These diapers are soft, fit well, and are just so user friendly. I will be recommending these to all pregnant moms.

  73. Mandy Claridge says:

    we started cloth diapering when my daughter was 7 weeks old, and even two years ago cloth wasnt a big thing. Now, two years later, you see cloth becoming more and more mainstream. We started off as Grobaby users, and have recently tried the new GroVia. I love how one cloth diapering system offers so many options, as you mentioned in your article. I think your choice is a great choice, good for you!

  74. Sarah L says:

    I only have one cover, but want to try the new version and the organic soaker pads as soon as I can scrape some money together!

  75. Candice says:

    I just bought my first grovia to try and I love them! They don’t leak! I have had a hard time with leaking diapers. But grovia is a perfect fit I love how adjustable they are and I love the prints! I also love that it is organic cotton touching my babys sweet bottom!

  76. Lauren M says:

    So excited to see Bethenny taking up cloth diapering. It’s so much easier than what most people think – so much more economical and better for the environment as well. We switched to GroVia about 4 months ago for my 8 month old and have been amazed at the ease and portability of these diapers. They are so easy, even my husband, who swore cloth up and down, uses them without a complaint!! So happy to see GroVia making such a huge impact, as these are absolutely a superior diaper! <3
    And Congrats to Bethenny, Jason, and Bryn!

  77. Suzanne Smith says:

    We started out with GroBaby, but just got two GroVia shell sets (love the loops to hold down the tabs in the laundry). I love them because they are so cute and don’t cause any rashes and no leaks, plus daddy and grandparents can change them easy peasy. I also love that I don’t have to worry about throwing diapers into the landfill. I wish they had been around when my teenagers were babies. Can’t wait to see what the prints will be.

  78. Nichole says:

    I just picked up my first Gro Via diapers last month and I love them. My baby just out grew her infant prefolds and these are the ultimate replacement. Like a prefolds you can use the covers multiple times, although unlike a prefold the insert stays in place with snaps. I love their cute colors and prints and the fact that they grow with my baby. What tops it all is the inserts are made of organic cotton. After researching the life cycle analysis of various diapers I believe that these diapers help dramatically decrease my baby’s carbon footprint. I have yet to try the biosoakers but think they will be a great alternative to disposables on long trips.

  79. Jennifer L says:

    Love my Grovia. So easy to use! Even husband approved. He won’t use the prefolds, but has no problems with the grovia. Would love to see the new prints.

  80. Mandy R says:

    Love Grovia! Quite possibly the best diaper system ever. I trust them more than disposables!

  81. Michelle R says:

    I love using cloth on both of my little ones. I only have one of the new GroVia, which I LOVE, but my entire stash is made up of the old GroBaby diapers. Not only are they super absorbent, but they fit both my 2 year old daughter and newborn son which is a total plus! Not to mention we’re saving the extra money by using them on two children. I love the new rise in the GroVia though, and the fold under laundry tabs, and I can’t wait to add more to my stash!

  82. Roxann R says:

    GroVia (formerly GroBaby) has been our family’s diaper of choice since we decided to cloth diaper! We have never looked back. It works great for us because with the hybrid system, we can use the cloth inserts at home and the disposable inserts when we are away. Our extended family also finds it easy to use the system! For the first few weeks, while using regular disposable diapers, we were getting a lot of leaks/blow-outs. With GroVia, we have NEVER had a single diaper leak! GroVia has allowed us to be a “greener” family while still fitting in with our very hectic lifestyle!

  83. Ashleigh says:

    I LOVE Grovia! It makes cloth diapering so simple that even Dad, Grandma, and babysitters like using them. I’ve also converted 3 of my friends to cloth because of this system!

  84. Jen says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my GroVia’s. Using my GroVia’s has changed so many things in our life. My husband and I stnd behind the company 100%!! my favorite part is the reaction I get when I tell people we use cloth diapers. It cracks me up when people turn up their noses and say, “oh, I could NEVER do that.” I kindly tell them how AWESOME and EASY the GroVia’s are. I always have to give a demo (even to complete strangers). People definately need to be informed about this awesome company!

  85. Ida Mae says:

    We LOVE LOVE our cloth diapers in this household, especially our Gro-baby’s (now Gro-Via). They are the go to for a trim fit under my little guys jeans! Even my husband reaches for them first.

  86. Sarah says:

    I love GroVia because I have the ability to use the Biosoakers when traveling. I really like the way they fit my chunky monkey. They were the fist cloth diapers I ever used!

  87. Melissa D says:

    This is our 3rd child and our first two I used a different cloth diaper and had leaks all the time and the diapers were bulky. We switched to GroVia this time and I have never looked back. Super trim AIOs allow us to buy the right size pants for dd and the shells allow us the option for cloth or a biodegradable insert. I never go to the store to buy disposables for night time use anymore. LOVE GroVia and the company and customer service are fantastic!

  88. Betina says:

    I currently have 5 grobaby shells and would love to get GroVia shells to compare the 2. I love the fact that we can reuse the shells and the bright colors and patterns. I have some of the original rise grobaby’s and they still fit my 33 inch tall, 28 lbs 18 month old. They are getting a little small so the 1/2 inch rise increase would get us through until potty training (a full inch from the original production). I can not wait to see the new patterns and would love to try the AIO but funds are tight right now. We only CD on the weekends because our daycare will not use them as of yet. Glad to see Bethany is using them and spreading the CD word.

  89. Sarah says:

    GroVias were my first cloth diaper. I love the biosoakers. So easy for even daddy to use! They don’t leak either!!

  90. Karen says:

    I have one GroVia and we love it! I love how easy it is to unsnap the soiled insert and pop in a new one. It doesn’t take long to air dry the cover. I also love that it’s one size! This is a great diapering system. We own one and I would love to have more!

  91. Candy M says:

    I am so glad that there are more and more celebrities out there who are using cloth diaper. It really helps get the word out there that they are not your grandmothers diapers anymore. Showing the audience just how cute and easy to use cloth diapers really are. So kudos to you Bethenny!!

  92. Ashley says:

    I love the grovia system, they are our favorite diapers by far. Especially because you can roll up the soakers pretty small which makes them ideal for travel! I love the wildflowers print!

  93. Lauren Sellers says:

    We love Grovia diapers! They are soo trim. We have tried many different styles and brands, but none of them are as trim, while still being super absorbent. I love the velcro-like closure. It is super easy to get on my wiggly 12 month-old, but you don’t have to worry about long diaper chains.

  94. Mo Wood says:

    Everyone I knew thought I was crazy when I said I wanted to cloth diaper my two boys under two. That is until they saw the ease of the GroVia diapers. And the best part is they fit both of my boys so there was never a need to purchase multiple sized diapers for each. :D

  95. Beth Erwin says:

    I love GroVia cloth diapers! My favorite is the All in One one size with the stretchy tabs! It just fits great on my little chunky monkey :)

  96. Lesley D. says:

    I’m a first time mom and was repeatedly told about how difficult cloth diapering is. My mom told me horror stories about sticking the baby with pins and the clean up etc etc. (apparently pampers came out right after I was born) I researched and saw the GroBaby/GroVia line and was really impressed with how easy they looked. I purchased three to see how we could make it through the weekend and haven’t looked back. These are so easy and cute. Everyone comments on thinking they are just covers rather than actual diapers. Never have leaks and haven’t ever had a touch of diaper rash. Even my husband is a convert and he was opposed to cloth diapering. These are the cadillac of hybrid cloth diapers. LOVE THEM! Hope Bethenny loves them as much as we all do!

  97. Becky b says:

    Grobaby was my first choice for CDs when I started 5 months ago and still is my favorite even with some random brands thrown in my stash. I love the fit and convenience they give. Can’t wait to order some new shells with prints from grovia!!

  98. sarah c says:

    I saw the show last night and was thrilled to see the Sea Side strip GroVias! I’ve used GB from the very beginning (I’ve used them with 2 babies so far) and have just started using GroVia. I love them both! I love how easy they are to use, how I’m saving the planet one diaper at a time and I still have the option to use disposable biosoakers but have no guilt since they are compostable, biodegradable and flushable! I <3 GroVia!

  99. Deanna Partridge says:

    I knew when I was pregnant with my son that we would be cloth diapering, but I wasn’t sure HOW until I spent an afternoon at a cloth diaper store looking at all the different choices. I loved the idea behind GroVia diapers; they are so easy to use! I thought my husband would be a hard sell, but now he is a bigger fan of the cloth diapers than I am! Our son, Jude, loves how the diapers feel and sometimes we let him pick the print he wears!(Well, as much as a 6 month old can show preference!) Plus, the diapers are such great quality and oh-so-very cute! Our family loves GroVia diapers, and it makes us feel good that we are doing what we can to help the Earth out for Jude’s future.

  100. Robby Cavinder says:

    We are having our first child in August and are so excited to be using cloth diapers. Never had a child before so we will see how this goes but we have a full stock of Grovia’s on hand…

  101. Anna P. says:

    I love GroVia! They are so easy to use and easy to wash!!! They were the first cloth diapers I bought as I transitioned out of disposables. I used the Disposable BioSoakers that GroVia makes and that was great! Now we are 100% using cloth, and 90% is GroVia. We use the BioSoakers if we go on a long road trip, but the regular soakers are great and I’ve never had 1 leak.

  102. Megan says:

    I have used GroVia (well GroBaby when I bought them) since my son was 4 weeks old. I love the ease of use, they wash well, and the colorful covers.

  103. Sarah says:

    GroVia diapers are, hands down, the best cloth diapering system on the market! No leaks, easy to use, and maintain their integrity and look after use! Love, love, love GroVia!

  104. Christina says:

    I started cloth diapers with a trial package of different brands and types of cloth, and the GroVia were the only ones that I kept. I love that I can use the same diaper for both of my boys! Also, they are definetly fashionable enough for a celebrity too, with the cute patterns.

  105. Susan C says:

    I started using Gro Baby about 3 months ago. I loved them. Then I decided I needed more so I ordered Gro Via. They are so much better. I like the new tab. I never had any leaking. I also like the fact that they will last up to toddler age. Which will save me even more money. They dry fast and I am able to use the shell more than once per changing. Lets just say I Love them.

  106. Anna DeLanoy says:

    I love my gro via using the hybrid system while on a hiking/camping trip right know. They work awesome. We using the regular soakers at home. Love, love love these diapers. My 10 week old sleeps 12 hours at night no leaks and no diaper rash. So much better than disposables and better for the environment. Can’t wait for new prints.

  107. Beth S says:

    I love love love my Gro-Baby (don’t have a GroVia yet). And my husband loves the biosoakers. We use them all the time!

  108. Audrey Schaellibaum-Kuhn says:

    I LOVE GroVia All-In-One!!! It saves me time from stuffing as you would have to with the pocket diapers. I love the soft feeling of the GroVia. We’ve been using them for the last several months – as far as I recall, there was no leak compared to other brands. We have the former GroBaby and still use them with biosoakers for out of town trips. I look forward someday GroVia would add more color/designs for the All-In-One!!! Audrey (Mom of 14 months old girl)

  109. Kelly Clawson says:

    We use GroVia’s and live them. My husband wasn’t too sure about them at first, but the other day he changed a poopy diaper and flushed it with out me having to show him what to do. They are so easy!

  110. Teera says:

    I love the cute colors that GroVia offers! And the customer service is great too!

  111. Angela says:

    My last baby came into this world at a whopping 10# 6 oz. None of my diapers in my stash would fit him since he was so big and NB was just too small. I decided to try the OS diapers and instantly fell in love. These diapers are so easy and economical to use. I love them.

  112. Rebecca D says:

    We started with GroBabies and have moved to the new GroVia! We have six month old boy/girl twins who love them. No leaks from either of them. Even Daddy likes them! :) Great diapers for our babies and our earth!

  113. K_Bee526 says:

    We are expecting and I have done my research and found GroVia to be the best around, can’t wait to put one on my babbies bottom soon!

  114. Kellie Gilmore says:

    I absolutely am in love with Grovia. I’ve been using Grobaby’s since January and can’t imagine using any other brand or disposables. I’ve talked several friends into using this brand and they also fell in love. I am having a second child any day and both of my children will be using the same diapers! No buying different sizes or having a diaper bag stuffed full of disposables in different sizes! yay!

  115. jennifer h says:

    we have tried lots of different brands of cloth with our two boys. grovia is the best. not only does it grow with your baby but it also does not hold onto odor like many other brands do. they always smell wonderful when they are out of the wash! LUV them!

  116. Dayna says:

    Grovia’s are the most parent friendly diapers. The brand offers something for everyone. I use their hybrids and love the convience of snapping in a new insert and keeping the same shell. I have never had a leak with them.

  117. Keisha M. says:

    I have been using Gro Baby/Via for just about a full year. I purchased a huge package, because I knew right away I would love the product. I added 1 print to the mix when they came out, and now have 13 shells, tons of soakers & boosters. They’re comfortable for our little guy & so cute with the bright colors and adorable prints. Added bonus for summer time, my little guy wears s single shell outdoors in the water when it’s really hot … an easy water diaper!! We love our Gro Via!!!

  118. Laura Dunne says:

    I love my GroVias!!! They fit my 1 year old daughter perfectly and we have never had a leak!!! And even better, my hubby likes them too!!!

  119. Jenny Pecor says:

    I have not tried the grovia diapers yet but I do have the grobaby and Love the fact that even my 38lbs 5 yr old fits them and thet her baby sister when she comes wil also beable to wear them too.

  120. Erin Houser says:

    When choosing a diaper I wanted something organic, easy to use, cute of course, and wanted something with less waste in manufacturing. I found all of those things in GroVia. I absolutely love my diapers, and recommend them to anyone who will listen. They are grandparent friendly, and fir from day one with my big baby. The boosters are just enough extra for long trips out with my heavy wetter. I really could not be more happy with my choice!

  121. Jan says:

    GroBaby/GroVia is the only brand of cloth diapers I recommend to my friends! I love both AIO and AI2! One thing I noticed from people starting cloth diapering is prepping issues. Most people don’t prep enough thus get a lot of leaks. When I started, my mistake was washing on hot without drying in between washes! So to all the new mamas, dont forget to wash on hot AND DRY in the dryer about 6-8 times before use!

  122. Maura F. says:

    My nearly 10 month old is exclusively diapered in GroBaby/GroVia diapers. I ADORE this diapering system. It is so easy! We never have experienced leaks or anything… plus, my daughter loves “helping” us fold and put away her clean diapers! Cloth diapering has been a wonderful choice for our family, and I am glad Bethenny decided to choose cloth as well… especially the smart GroVia Hybrid Diapering System! :)

  123. Jessica Deratany says:

    I’m so excited celebrities are using cloth! Maybe that will help with the movement! I use GroBaby which is the predecessor of GroVia and I love them. They are the first diaper my husband reaches for.

  124. Jennifer Henson says:

    we have used these with both of our kids. after trying every brand we found grow diapers. love that one size fits all but really love that the pads dont smell after getting washed. (a problem most other brands had with us)

  125. Amber says:

    Love my GroVia/GroBaby diapers! Very absorbent, cute prints, and I have converted a few of my friends from other brands of cloth diapers to GroVia!! Love how Tiny Bubbles cleans them as well!

  126. Jenny Pecor says:

    I havent tried the grovia diaper system but loved the grobaby ones and can’t wait to try grovia. I love that I can use them both on my baby and my 5 yr old whose a little under 38lbs. I also love that u can use biosoakers or cloth inserts.

  127. Justin DeVore says:

    My wife assured me that cloth diapering would be easy… and I had no idea until we started using Grovia, I’m sold!

  128. Linda J says:

    Great choice for cloth. Been using cloth for 5 months and I started with GroBaby! Love them. I use more of the disposable liners than the biosoakers. Great company and great diaper for anyone wanting to get into the “cloth diaper” arena!

  129. Stephanie Winegardner says:

    We love Grovia for many reasons. I love the soakers with the PUL on the back! Before I couldn’t use the Grobaby for too long before changing the shell, because it was getting wet. The PUL has changed that! Love it! I also love that the shells are versatile. If I run out of soakers, a prefold fits great inside! They are by far the trimist diapers that we have and we would LOVE some new prints :)

  130. Rebecca says:

    I decided to go to cloth after using disposables on my kids for 16 years. I had been a happy, hardcore user of disposables and was incredibly apprehensive about using cloth – it overwhelmed me just to think about it all! I spent weeks of researching all of the types, styles, and options available and decided I’d give GroVia (and the older Grobaby) diapers a try. After several discussions with my husband, trying to convince him that we needed to switch to cloth, I was finally able to order the cloth diapers. I was thrilled when I got them – they were attractive and streamlined compared to what I expected! The GroVia diapers were easy to use, easy to clean, and proved to be more comfortable on my baby than the disposables were. My husband’s new diaper-changing mantra is: “That’s all I need to do?!? Are you SURE?” At this point, I won’t even try other cloth diapers because there’s no need – GroVia meets all my needs – even disposable liners to make travel (or even lazy days) easy. I couldn’t be happier with making the switch to cloth by way of GroVia!!

  131. Jenny Tinnin says:

    I thought I would never find a cloth diaper that fit my son who is really small until I found grovia. I know that when we go out or over night I never have to worry about leaks. I also love the fact that I can line dry them and it doesn’t take forever. Truely my favorite:)

  132. Karen says:

    We love GroVia! I have one diaper and want to buy more! I love the one size and ease of the snap in liner’s. I also love how quickly they dry and how great the absorb.

  133. Christina says:

    I love out GroVia. I tried a cloth diaper trial package which included a variety of brands and types of diapers, and the GroBaby diapers were the only ones I kept. I loved the GroBaby diaprs and LOVE the improvements with th GroVia. It is hands down the best hybrid diaper on the market.

  134. Jennifer says:

    I love my Grovia and Grobaby diapers! They are a great fit, the aplix is holding up well, and the colours are great! I have had some difficulty with fitting my little girls chunky thighs into other brands, but it hasn’t been an issue with Grobabies and Grovias. I haven’t had any smell issues so far (3 months of use). I love the new PUL backing to the Grovias and the biosoakers work so well when we travel. We will be using them when we go to the cottage in a few weeks. Great product!

  135. Candice says:

    I absolutely LOVE our Grovia diapers. They contain all the newborn messes, my super soaker 2 yr old, they are easy to wash, I dont have to remember to run out and get diapers or freak out I only have a few left, and most importantly they will grow with our lil Anabelle (1month old today) and still fit our 2 yr old. We decided to make the switch to cloth since it would be better for the environment, but also since it would in the the end save us money. I didnt want to have to keep buying new diapers after she grew out of the S, M, L sized diapers most companies offer…. Grovia offered a one size option and that worked great for us. Grovia diapers arent like other cloth diapers where you have to change the whole diaper every time you change them, you just snap out the soaker pad and snap in a new one… which is really helpful with amounts of laundry you do, and also the amount of space that is taken up in your diaper bag. My husband says it just makes more sense to not change the whole diaper, which is another reason i love Grovia it is truly the diaper the WHOLE family loves! I bought a few other types of diapers to try them out on our 2 yr old before our daughter was born since all we had ever used was sposies and Grovia were the ones we fell inlove with and the ones we decided worked best for us- not only for our newborn but for our 2 yr old. I personally love the aplix version of Grovia (they are like no other type of ‘velcro’ ive ever seen– its amazing), but love that later on if i change my mind i can send them in and get them converted if I want to… basically i love the company. Grovia really has thought of everything, down to the gussets and TPU backing of the soakers, to tuck under tabs, AIOs with stretchy sides for great training pants, to biosoakers that give a cloth alternative for times when a washer is not available- They have great customer service, really stand behind their product, and are always available to help even when it is the stupidest of questions (ive asked many lol). No one can believe our grovias are cloth when they see them because they are just so cool and so completely adorable!

  136. Cindy Williams says:

    We love grovia my favorite is the AIO. It is so trim and fits my toddler perfectly even under pants!

  137. rachel says:

    We love our Grovias! Everyone who sees them wants to know what they are and how to get them!!!

  138. HollyC says:

    I am excited to try the new GroVia diapers! I love the shell/liner option.We had some of the GroBaby but they didn’t work out for us, the rise was too small and the velcro way to easy to get open. I’m glad they upgraded to a snap option and reading all the great reviews, I think I need to give them another shot! I completely agree with the cloth diapering choice, I wish I would have started sooner.

  139. Amanda Janisse says:

    Love the new Grovia system even more than my Grobabys! The new liners are excellent, and I use the biodegradeable inserts at daycare. I prefer the hook and loop closure to the snaps.

  140. SUMPLEBY says:

    I have some GroBaby covers and BioSoakers, and I like them. The one-size aspect is really nice. I have considered buying some of the new GroVia ones once I have more money too!

  141. Melissa says:

    GroBaby was my first encounter with Cloth diapering and now no other brand measures up to it! I have the new GroVia now and I fell in love with them all over! I have only been doing cloth for about 2 months but the groVia system is such a no brainer!

  142. Laine says:

    We use GroBaby/GroVia exclusively. Love the fact that the new/old are interchangeable. For our long road trips we use the BioSoakers. <3 the fact that we don't have to use sposies and that we can compost these as well! Recently sent a fellow CD'd family with a few of our shells and BioSoakers for their 5 day camping trip! Can't wait to hear their report and have a fellow convert!

  143. Ruth says:

    I am expecting my first child soon and our cloth diapering stash is made up largely of Grovia! I love the colors, the inserts and all the great reviews. I am very excited to use them til potty training!

  144. Caroline Hoffman says:

    I love that grovia is adjustable to accomodate baby as he grows. I also love the fact that its great for the grandparents who don’t want to deal with cloth inserts, they can just use the disposable ones! Or there also great for out and about so I don’t have to haul so many cloth diapers.

  145. Comfort Cross says:

    I knew I wanted to try cloth diapers, but had seen so many of my friends use them only for home, and buy disposables for going out. To me this seemed counter-productive and I was absolutely thrilled when I discovered GroVia!! I only have to buy the compostable/disposable Biosoakers to throw in my diaper bag or leave for a hesitant sitter. These diapers are the perfect solution for me as a mom who doesn’t want ANY chemical laden disposables on my baby!

  146. Therese S says:

    I discovered GroVia through Babysteals! (They were GroBaby at the time) I had been using another brand exclusively but I couldn’t pass up the adorable prints and great price! These are now my go-to diapers when we are going out! I can use the reusable inserts while at home and easily switch to the biosoaker inserts when we are out! I love them! They fit my skinny baby perfectly and I LOVE that they are one size!

  147. Katie Kirkland says:

    We use Grovia and we really love them! I am so happy to see celebrities using cloth diapers. Hopefully, the ease of the Grovia diapers, along with the celebrity promotion will help cloth diapers become more of a norm!!!

  148. Kendra A says:

    I love the grovia (grobaby) diapers. I have a few of them in my cloth stash and they are always the ones that I reach for first. I wish I had more of them and could get rid of some of the other brands I have. I love how easy they wash up and how quickly they dry too. My son is really skinny too and these seem to fit him about the best. Last night when I was watching Bravo tv too I saw that and was a bit surprised! lol…

  149. Timaree says:

    We have cloth diapered our son since he was born, but we always used disposables when we went out. We contemplated using gDiapers, but then we found GroVia and their biosoakers. We loved their fit so much that we began using the cotton soakers both at home and for going out. We absolutely love this system!

  150. Sarah Tracy says:

    I love my cloth diapers, I wish I’d discovered how much easier they are than when I was a baby on my previous kids. So we’re using cloth on number 4! And I love it. I love that our GroVia doesn’t use microfiber, but has a cotton insert. We had a hard time with microfiber working well, so our new Grovia with the PUL on the soaker is working great!

  151. Anna DeLanoy says:

    We love our grovia’s. These were the first diapers we brought and i feel in love. I am using the biosoakers whilst on a hiking/camping trip with my 3 month old. I can’t get over how well they work. I normally use the soakers and they work awesome. My baby sleep 12 hours at night and we have had no problems with leaks or diaper rash. They have great customer service as well. I can’t wait to see the new prints.

  152. Dee says:

    I came across GroBaby diapers at the end of my pregnancy right before they rebranded to GroVia. Our daughter is long and skinny so we waited a little while to start using them until they fit her better and we also had to build up a decent stash. We now have half GroBaby and half GroVia AI2s and LOVE them! I definitely prefer the GroVia soaker pads for their waterproof backing and leg gussets, and the shells for their laundry tabs. Right now the higher rise of the GroVia doesn’t make much difference to us (our daughter is only 2 months old), but as she’s a long baby I know it will make a world of difference in the future! This is the only cloth diaper I have ever used, and I have no reasons to consider switching! I love ALL of the GroVia products!

  153. Mollie says:

    We love our Grobabys. I wish that we had bought more when I was trying them out. They are our favorite cloth diaper (my husband even likes using them) and we also used the bio inserts which are so great! We get lots of compliments on them and also lots of questions as to what they are. People are so fascinated that they are cloth diapers! We love saving money and the environment

  154. Katie Coulter Jayne says:

    With my oldest daughter I never once even considered cloth diapering, I thought it was too hard and too gross. With my son, I was kind of curious to try them, but was still scared and a little hesitant. I knew one person who had been CDing and I trusted her opinion. SO I asked her which brand she used and she recommended GroBaby/GroVia. I ordered a few and gave them a try and I was SO surprised! It was so much easier than I thought it would be. Now, I’m telling everyone who will listen how great the GroVia diapers are. All of my family is so impressed because GroVia diapers are nothing like the CDs they used 20 or so years ago. I plan on giving GroVia to my sister when she has her baby. I love them so much and I’m so glad that we switched. It saves us money and I feel good that we’re helping the planet!

  155. Kendra A says:

    Last night I was also watching Bethany on Bravo and was surprised to see that she had choosen cloth. I use cloth on my son and have a few of the Grovia (grobaby) diapers. They are always the ones that I reach for first in my cloth stash. I love how easy they wash up and how quickly they dry. Also, my son is really skinny and these seem to fit him really well. I wish that I could get some more of these and get rid of some of my other brands. I can’t wait to see their new patterns.

  156. Jennifer Thompson says:

    My friend from Bozeman got me hooked on DreamEze and now I can’t wait to try the GroVia AIO diapers. They are great quality diapers and are well worth the investment.

  157. MG says:

    Love Grovia/GroBaby! We used the biosoakers while on our vacation and received so many good comments. I am loving the new rise, as our son is a big boy…almost 20 lbs at 6 months!

  158. Kaitlin Gustafson says:

    It’s great to see cloth diapering become more mainstream. I love grovia especially when we are going to be out and about because I can preload them before packing the diaper bag. We love using the disposable option for traveling and camping. The cotton they use is soft and so absorbant, they are my favorite next to PF and covers which I only prefer because they are so durable and last forever.

  159. Michelle says:

    I just love GroBaby/GroVia very trim, cute patterns and colors and great aplix it doesn’t get all linty like some others. Cloth diapering is way easier than I thought it would be because of GroVia!!!! I love them!

  160. kelly says:

    I very much like grovia! I think they are one of the easiest options to take on the go. the only complaint I have, is that my (large) son is probably going to outgrow them before he is potty-trained. :(

  161. Amanda Daley says:

    Grovia diapers have been amazing to us! They are so easy to use and very cute! Daddy loves them,baby loves them and so do I. I recommend these to all of my new mommy friends.

  162. erin says:

    I ordered a cloth diaper started kit and was so happy that grobaby were part of the package. At first I was not 100% in love with this diaper. However that changed once the diapers were fully preped.. about 8 washes! Once the diapers were preped.. I was sold. Great fit, love the velco and the snap in pad is a great idea! Love these..the are used first in rotation. <3

  163. Kendra V says:

    The first cloth diaper to ever touch my baby’s bum was a GroBaby/GroVia. It was love at first sight!! A mere 3 months later, I have all but one of the prints/colors. This is a diaper that I always find myself reaching for because it is so easy to use. Because of the ease of use, this is a fantastic diaper for hesitant daddies and babysitters. The diaper is affordable and the company’s customer service is spectacular. What more could you ask for in a cloth diapering company?

  164. Melissa P. says:

    I love grovia! they are very absorbent, easy to use and my 2 year loves the colors and prints! I can not wait to start using them on my new born (currently too small for them so we are using prefolds but they are just waiting for her to grow a little more!)

  165. Megan J. says:

    Gro Via diapers are absolutely our choice of diaper! After doing a lot of research, and trying so hard to convince my fiance to cloth diaper our little girl, he finally agreed…but only if we used GroVia! We love how easy they are to use, and the biosoakers that we can use when we travel!
    The new updates with the GroVia were made 100% with the consumer in mind! Thanks GroVia for continuing to make an awesome product!

  166. Megan says:

    When my son was first born I thought cloth diapers would be way to time consuming. When he was about 1 month old I decided to give it a try after hearing some stories from some other moms. We have a great store in town that carry cloth diapers so I went to see what they had. I ended up choosing Grovia cloth diapers and I love them! They are so easy to use and I love the colourful covers! I just ordered an ice cover….can’t wait to get it!

  167. Amy says:

    I just used the shells/disposable insert combo for both my 20 month old and 6 week old on a 24 hour visit to the grandparents’. PERFECT! I prefer it over packing my entire cloth diaper stash, since the inserts pack so nicely. Plus I don’t have to bring home a ton of used diapers to wash later.
    Going to the beach for a week next month, and definitely plan to use these, since I don’t want to wash diapers in the brackish water and using someone else’s washer (with the unknown detergent residues!).

  168. Melissa Brook says:

    I am so happy with Grovia Diapers! They are the softest most gentle diaper I have purchased yet. My daughter has incredibly soft skin, and almost everything makes her red. Not only do these diapers keep her skin in beautiful condition, but I feel like I’m spoiling her when I put them on her! They wash well, they fit well, and they wear well! The colors are beautiful and vibrant, and the prints are beautiful! These are my favorite diapers!!

  169. Kim says:

    I love my Gro_via diapers. I was so scared to try CD, but after I used them once, I was hooked!! It is all I can do NOT to buy all of them! My daughter never gets diaper rash anymore, I am helping the environment and I am saving money! What more could you ask for! I look forward to diaper changes! Go figure!!

  170. Jessica Holm says:

    When it comes to my experience with GroVia, they win “hands down” in comparison to every diaper out there! (disposable included) I was determined to cloth diaper our baby no matter how inconvenient my first impression of the whole idea was to me. When I discovered GroVia I was naturally skeptical, but after using them on a daily basis for 10 months, I was surprised how easy and rewarding cloth diapering would be. GroVia has won me over for good. Never will I return to “the other side” again. I can’t wait to try their new diapers in the future. For those of you that are unsure about them, try them; you won’t be disappointed!

  171. Sarah D says:

    We are actually expecting our first, but I’ve got some GroVia and GroBaby diapers already. I can’t wait to use them! I’ve got quite a few different types and GroVia just make the most sense. We can’t wait to use ours!!!

  172. Kim says:

    I love my GroVia’s! I would never use diaposable diapers again. My daughter never gets diaper rash, i am saving money and helping the environment! Bonuses all over the place!!

  173. Nena Lotzer says:

    I started cloth diapering in April. I tried several different cloth diapers and slowly converted my stash to GroBaby and GroVia diapers. They are so easy to use and we’ve had the best results with them. I especially love the new soakers :)

  174. Chrissy says:

    LOVE these cloth dipers! They’re so much better than anything else out there because they are so versatile!

  175. julie Cruz says:

    I have been using grobaby’s for a while now. I have not gotten any grovia’s yet but I’m anxious to try them. Grobaby diapers are the best. I have never had a leak, or stink issues with my covers. They fit my daughter perfectly even at night when I load her up with inserts and boosters. The people at costumer service have also been wonderful. I couldn’t have enough good things to say about Grovia. I used the biosoakers on vacation and it was perfect! I plan to use grovia on our next baby whenever that is.

  176. Meghan says:

    I jumped into cloth diapering with GroVias because they are a hybrid system. I figured they would be good “starter diaper” for a newbie and then I could move on to other diapers if they didn’t work for us or if I thought I could handle a “real” cloth diaper (not a hybrid). But there was no need to look further…I LOVE my GroVias. And it’s actually very rare that I use the disposable inserts, I use the cloth soakers 99.9% of the time. So I feel like a “real” cloth diaper user for sure!

  177. angela leyba says:

    I LOVE the grobabies! We just had our daughter 5 weeks ago, and we started using the grodiapers 2 weeks ago. Up to the point of using cloth diapers, my daughter had a horrible diaper rash. We tried changing wipes, and making sure we changed her diaper even every hour. We tried creams, too. Nothing worked. Then we switched to grodiapers, and her rashed cleared up immediately and hasn’t come back! Thank you grovia for making cloth diapering so easy!!

  178. Kimberly Maher says:

    I use the GroBaby brand (prior to GroVia) on my baby. He is now 18 mos and we started when he was five months old. I use the BioSoakers when we travel or when I send him to the sitters. They are FABULOUS. Haven’t tried the new brand BioDiapers yet.

  179. Erin P says:

    Having used all types of cloth diapers in the past, my experience with first Grobaby, then GroVIa, has been amazing. They’re the Rolls Royce of cloth and hybrid diapers! Having two in diapers, flexibility is a must, both with options and sizing. We mostly use the shells and soakers around the house, and when we’re out, the biosoakers are amazingly easy to use – the best of their type on the market by far with gussets just like disposables! We also love the GroVia all-in-ones – the inner and outer materials are soft and of extremely high-quality, and they are very trim and fit. As an added bonus, their colors and prints are chic!

  180. Shelly Smith says:

    We began using Grovia AIOs about 2 months ago, when my daughter was 2 months old. I was looking for a diaper that would actually fit het until she potty learned… The rise in BG, FB, & almost every other diaper just wasn’t going to be long enough (she’s very long & lean). We’re so happy with the fit of Grovias! Can’t wait to own more, sigh!

  181. Randi Wiggins says:

    I do not own any GroVia diapers yet, but I do have lots of GroBaby diapers. They are by far my favorite of all our cloth diapers! The quality is excelent and I am sure it only got better with GroVia. I love the idea of the new tab tuckers. That is perfect!

  182. Morgan says:

    I absolutely LOVE the GroVia diapers! I had my 1st child (a girl-Markana) on Feb. 18. I knew that I wanted to use cloth diapers and it took a long time before I decided to use GroVia. I am so glad I did! I got a lot of slack from family and friends and they were all convinced that we wouldn’t stick with them. However, I would never use anything else!! They wash us so nicely, look great (we get so many compliments), and are so much better for Markana and for the environment. I have used to BioSoakers as well and they are so convienent when we travel! I have changed the minds of many friends and family when they see how easy they are to use!

  183. Lauren says:

    I haven’t tried the new GroVia diapers, but I love the old Dream Eze diapers.

  184. Shelly Smith says:

    I wish my whole stash was Grovia AIOs!!! Such a great fit and a longer rise than most dipes:-) Would love to try the AI2s, tho~

  185. daniel wiggins says:

    When my wife said she wanted to cloth diaper our son I was hesitant. But then she brought home GroBaby diapers and I saw how easy it was I knew it was the right choice for us!

  186. Kristina says:

    I love GroVia AI2′s! They are so cute and easy to care for. Great investment because they will grow with my baby!

  187. r wiggins says:

    I love grobaby and can’t wait to try grovia! Your diapers rock!

  188. Bonnie says:

    I’ve cloth diapered all three of my children over the past 6 years and have tried many diapers in that time. I received a pack of biosoakers and a grovia shell through a giveaway and then had to try the cloth option. I have been very impressed and love the grovia biosoakers for when i need a disposable option, we’ve used them traveling, camping and for outings. They’re so small to pack and great for the diaper bag!

  189. stephanie girard says:

    I havent had the pleasure to try GroVia, yet. With two boys in diapers (ages 2 and 3 months), a niece due anyday, and a niece due in Nov. I am always looking for the best diapers out there!! I really want to try these out and cant to!

  190. Jeff Girard says:

    I havent used these yet, but would really like to! As a Dad that cloth diapers, I like ‘user friendly’ diapers and have heard wonderful things about these!

  191. Heather K. says:

    I love Grovia diapers! The old style, grobaby, leaked a bit with my son and didn’t work as well, but the new design is working great for us. The only other recommendation I would have for her is the Bumgenius AIO onesize organic diapers (just because they are super easy). But my stash is made up of Grovia and Bumgenius (I have a few old goodmama’s but fitteds just aren’t for us)and we plan on using those two brands for our new daughter (due in Nov.) as well as our 21 month old son until they both potty train.

  192. Emily says:

    We started cloth diapering a short time ago and primarily use the GroVia/GroBaby system. We’ve never looked back! I can’t wait to try the new all-in-ones!!

  193. Janea says:

    I use the shells with cloth inserts and disposable inserts. It’s so easy! I love how it’s interchangeable to fit my lifestyle!

  194. Heather says:

    We love Grovia and use that and Bumgenius AIO organic one size as well as the Flip system for our 21 month old son and we will use them for our daughter (due in Nov). Grovia is a great brand though, works great at keeping leaks in and I am so excited to buy more when the baby gets here!

  195. Lu Harvey says:

    I love, love, love my Grobabys! I wish that I’d had these years ago, as my daughter is the 7th of my kids to be cloth diapered. :)

  196. hpfgirl says:

    I love the versitility of the GroVia shells. You can use them as covers for prefolds and flats too!

  197. Kelley says:

    We have 1 GroVia and about 8 GroBaby diapers. From the first time we used them my husband raved about them as compared to the other cloth diapers we had tried. 1 year later they are still his favorite. We love the trimness, the ability to change just the soaker pad and not the whole diaper, and that the soakers automatically come in a natural fiber.

  198. Meghan says:

    I only have one GroVia shell and many GroBabies but I love them all!! , However, the longer GroVIa rise fits my baby 10 times better than the GroBaby rise. The aplix is super sticky and I can always find a great fit. BUT, my favorite feature of all is the ability to use the disposable inserts when traveling!

  199. Jen Escobedo says:

    I absolutely LOVE GroVia. I tried out a few other brands before coming across these, and the others never really “clicked” with me. When I bought the GroVia, I was instantly in love! THey fit my LO perfectly, had every feature that I was looking for in a CD, and on top of that, were absolutely adorable! I have not used anything other than the cloth inserts in them because I have had no need. LOVE LOVE LOVE GroVia!!

  200. TiffanyH says:

    I don’t have any Gro Via yet since DD is potty trained but I love my GroBaby diapers. They were my go to diaper bag/ out and about diaper. I love the Gro Via company for their amazing customer service. I have been a tester and recently had my Gro Baby diapers snap converted. I am waiting to buy some more shells closer to NB arrival around November, especially since there are new prints coming!

  201. Beth says:

    I love my Grobaby and I cant wait buy some GroVia’s in the next couple weeks. They made it easy to switch back to Cloth Diapers after having trouble with other brands!

  202. Katie says:

    I’ve loved grovia’s shell and insert. They’re very cost effective and super absorbent. They also snap down the smallest among all the one size cloth diapers. I love my grovia diaper!

  203. Valerie Jones says:

    I am so in love with my GroVia diapers. I use the AI2s and find them so much more convenient than my pocket diapers. I think the colors are adorable and great for my little boy rather than just having the standard red and blue like all my other cloth diapers. As a die-hard cloth diaperer and soon-to-be owner of the first cloth diaper store (coming soon!) inside the loop in Houston, I am blown away by all the recent publicity modern cloth is getting. With so many wonderful reasons to go cloth: the environment, money savings, keeping chemicals off your baby’s bum, cuteness, I think cloth is finding it’s voice in a big way.

  204. Lisa says:

    We’re expecting our first child in November, and I’ve been doing tons of research on cloth diapers…Grovia (Gro Baby) always seems to come out on top. Now that they have a hybrid version, it’s even more appealing (should we ever need disposable, I want to be sure it’s as eco-friendly as possible). Grovia diapers are on our registry — but even if we don’t get them as gifts, we’re planning to buy them anyway. I’m so excited to try them and get started in November!

  205. Kat says:

    I love our Grovia (Grobaby) diapers! I was skeptical of them when I bought them while pregnant but couldn’t pass up the deals they were having. Well I have been so impressed with these diapers. I LOVE how the shells dry fast (I don’t put PUL in the dryer so that’s important to me). Also these fit my newborn so perfectly. AND they hold in his explosive breastfed poop! LOVE these diapers and wish I would have bought more.

  206. Tiffany says:

    These are our favorite too. They are the only cloth diapers that were able to truly convert us to cloth. We have been using them for our 16 month old daughter and just recently stocked up on all the little boy colors/prints to use for our new baby in 2 weeks!

  207. Jessica Sanchez says:

    We use GroBaby/GroVia exclusively with our 22mo old and our 6wks old sons. It is the perfect cloth diaper. When out and about we only carry 2 shells each and pack the biosoakers and it does not take much room in my diaperbag. Diaper changes were made easy with this AI2 system even my husband change diapers. Another bonus is the time you spend in the laundry wich is a fraction of what it would with AIOs, toss them in the washer (you could put 30+ inserts in a single load) and they come out super clean with no stink like synthetic fabrics would (there’s no need for extra washes/rinses to get it out) The inserts are SUPER soft organic cotton and EXTRA absorbent. The hook and loop on this AI2 are like no other in the market, apart of being very strong they are stylish! it blends in with the color of the shell (no more white strip on the front of the diapers. Another thing I have to mention is that the company behind the GroBaby/GroVia diapers are 100% there for you their costumer service is excellent. My family loves this diapers (even my mother in law), I know the planet does too and if you are a momma that’s not sure if she want to do cloth diapers full time this is the diaper for you. 

  208. Kimberly says:

    I have never tried Grovia but would love to experiment with it for a deal since I am new at cloth diapering. They look so adorable!!!

  209. Jennifer Kot says:

    I LOVE my GroVia diaper as well as the BioSoakers, there’s no better on-the-go diaper when you know you won’t be back home for awhile!

  210. Sara Russell says:

    I love my GroBaby/GroVia diapers! They are so simple to use they make using cloth diapers easy. I researched several types and brands of cloth diapers prior to having my son and decided these were the best ones for our family, and I was right! As a bonus they are super cute too!

  211. Jenna says:

    I love that the liners have SNAPS to keep them in place. That is great for active toddlers! Woo hoo GroVia!

  212. Lea says:

    We’ve been using Grovia/Grobaby nearly exclusively for five months. I love how easy and stylish they are!

  213. Brittany says:

    When I first decided to cloth diaper and instantly fell in love with GroBaby/GroVia. The seem to fit all the requirements for my family, one size, really easy to use, and adorable!

  214. Michelle parrott says:

    I did a trial run of 5 different cloth dialating systems and grovia was my top choice! I just got my “live” package in the mail and already prepped them so my 15 month old and my 11 day old can start sporting their new bum gear :-) I have recommended these to about 4 of my currently pregnant friends that are on the fence with C.D.’ing.

  215. Michelle parrott says:

    I meant to write diapering NOT dialating ha ha. Can you tell I just had a baby a week and a half ago?!

  216. Andrea says:

    We LOVE LOVE LOVE our Gro Via diapers! They are super easy and super cute. They are my husbands favorite because of how easy they are.

  217. Lauren says:

    I haven’t used GroVia diapers yet, but I love the old DreamEze diapers.

  218. Summer says:

    I love Grovia diapers! They are one of the best diapers on the market. They are easy to use, trim, fun, and super cute! I love that they offer the soakers in 100% organic cotton, and the biosoakers are great for traveling.

  219. Shawna says:

    We love GroVia hybrids in all the cute colors for my ds. It cuts down on laundry only having to change the inside and keeping the same shell. I love tgevHroBia AIO OS for my dd and hope to use them like trainers when she is ready.

  220. Karen says:

    My SIL uses GroVia. I want to switch over for when we travel. That way I can be environmentally friendly without the bulk! GroVia offers the perfect solution with easy diapers, little bulk, and a throw as you go option for inserts. Plus they are so darn cute! I hope to talk my husband into letting me buy some soon. :)

  221. Colleen says:

    I love my Grovia! I am going to the cottage next week and just picked up a box of biosoakers to bring. I love that I can still use them even when we don’t have access to a washer. I just hope my Cosmo shell gets here in time :)

  222. Stephanie Veal says:

    I LOVE that my baby is (what I call) my Gro baby!!! I have converted many friends to cloth diapering because Grovia makes it so completely easy. Thank you grovia and good job Bethenny, your baby is beautiful!!!

  223. Colleen says:

    I love my Grovia! I am going to the cottage next week and I just picked up a box of biosoakers. I love that I can still use them even when I don’t have access to a washer. Now I just hope my Cosmo shell gets here in time!

  224. Erin says:

    I just started cloth diapering full-time with my fourth child! GroVia has been a lifesaver. They are so easy, very cute, and will grow with my little one until she is done (at which point I will finally be diaper free)! Thank you GroVia for making an awesome & easy to use product!

  225. Beth says:

    We have been using grovia hybrids with both our toddler (34 pounds) and our 4 month old (12 pounds)! Our toddler asks all the time for the grovia’s… he loves them! They have helped us make a smooth transition to cloth! We just got 2 grovia all in one’s in the mail today and I can’t wait to try them… they look so trim and I LOVE the colors!

  226. Tammy Rboy says:

    My son was two months old when I started cloth diapering. I never used them on my daugther, 2. I loved them about a week after using them. I am on a very tight budget, so I couldn’t get the GroVia (GroBaby) until had them on sale. I ended up with a girl set, but whatever! The red is really cute, and unless you look really closely you don’t realize they are girl diapers. I ended up with a soaker pad that had a hole in from the manufacturer. When I called up GroVia about what I could do, they sent me a new one, no questions asked. The company provides great customer service and a great product. I also got a sample of the tiny bubbles soap, which I will switch too when I run out of my current diaper soap. Grovia are great diapers.

  227. Sara says:

    YES YES YES She made a great choice!!!! I bought the Grobaby and so excited about the Gro Via i can not wait to have to opportunity to try them as well!!!! They are the best diapers on the market by far and have been recently improved further!

  228. Kelly H says:

    We use both Grobaby and Grovia with my 24 month old. We make sure to use the Grovia for overnights because the higher keeps everything in better! The Grobaby’s still fit him fine for daytime use with no leaks. We’re expecting #2 in October and I can wait to see how cute these will be on a little baby!

  229. Claire says:

    LOVE these products; although I must admit I only have the older Grobaby style. One reason for my love affair with this fluff is that the day care will support them – with the BioSoakers of course. No cloth is allowed due to regulation, but this hybrid system allows them to dispose of the waste rather than storing it and I get to maintain my ecological consciousness. Move over Hannah Montana – I have the Best of Both Worlds!

  230. Carissa says:

    The best thing about GroVia is the compsny’s customer service. Any time I’ve had an issue (all minor) the company has fixed my problem quickly and without a hassle. That’s worth a lot with any product…

    …and I love the colors!

  231. Jill says:

    GroVia happens to be one of our families FAVOURITE diapers! We started with the GroBaby and fell in love with them immediately, they are so easy to use, I was saddened as my daughter started to grow and it seemed as though she would be growing out of her GroBaby and then along came the new and improved GroVia!!! I just cannot explain how much I love these diapers. They make cloth diapering thoughtless. It is one of the easiest things our family can do which has so many benefits (for our daughter and the environment). We went on holidays a few weeks back and used the ecofriendly biosoakers. They fit amazingly in the shells and made travel a breeze! With baby number 2 on the way we are excited to continue using GroVia!

  232. dominique Burns says:

    I love gro via diapers they take up no more room in the diaper bag than disposables and hold a ton they are the only diapers i can use on long trips and at night with no doubler and i never get leaks. I love grovia

  233. Tempe says:

    GroVias are the very first cloth diaper I have purchased! I am brand new to this, and so excited to starting out with cloth, and I love the GroVias. They are so cute and so simple to use.

  234. Susannah Reed says:

    We love Grovia at our house!! The biosoakers are my favorite, they make going out of the house with cloth easy peasy.

  235. Melissa says:

    We have been using our Gro Via’s and I’m proud to say, as a full time working Mom and Dad, that it is really easier and MORE convenient than disposables. I don’t have to remember to buy diapers anymore! The lack of chemicals on the baby and environmental benefits are just a bonus! Seriously, we just toss them in the washer and dryer (hang the shells up to dry), then toss them in the drawer to be re-used. I wish we had them back four years ago for our son!

  236. Kelly says:

    We use GroVia and we LOVE them! We started with GroBaby before they rebranded, and I cannot wait to try all the new stuff they came out with. I know that they have have made cloth diapering an easy and cute option and we will never go back to disposables!

  237. Krystal says:

    I have had nothing but great experiences with cloth diapering! It’s a decision I am so glad we made and it’s nice to see a celebrity who is in the spotlight going the cloth diaper route! Bravo Bethanny!
    I love that GroVia has so many great features. The choice of snaps or aplix is great as well as the choice of reusable liners or disposable. I think this makes the diaper system appeal to more people. Another fantastic thong about GroVia? The have adorable prints and colors and you can’t go wrong with that!

  238. Mary says:

    Love my group via!! My 4 month old has been in them since she was born. We use the cloth daily and the Bio inserts on long trips or outtings to the zoo or wherever! The group via magic stick is great too if she’s getting red. Love all of it!

  239. Shilo Wheatley says:

    I LOVE GroVia diapers! I love that I can use the cloth soakers at home, and the convenience of the BioSoakers when we are out! It is so nice knowing I am not filling up the landfills with diapers, and at the same time I don’t have to do as much diaper laundry when I can reuse the shells! :)

  240. Alicia says:

    I have been using GroVia/GroBaby for almost a year and I love them! My son hardley gets diaper rashes and I don’t run out of cloth diapers or covers ever! They are the easiest cloth diaper I have ever used!! I love the snaps too it keeps my son from taking them off if he is in just the diaper since that is how he sleeps in the AZ heat!

  241. Karen says:

    When my second daughter was born, I just couldn’t shake the guilty feeling I had when I put out the trash each week. Enter GroBaby/GroVia! I finally talked my husband into trying cloth diapers and he is hooked as well. We really LOVE them. We use them for our eldest who is 2.5 years old and only needs a diaper for overnight since she is still in a crib and use them exclusively for our 9 month old. I really appreciate that they can wear the same ones (though, of course, our 2 year old says the pretty prints are “hers”). Our daycare said they are the best cloth diapers they have ever used, which I think is a great recommendation. We use them with/without bioliners or biosoakers and really like every combination. In addition, I find that the cover + biosoaker combo is much better for us than any of the “regular” brands of disposable for both leaks and diaper rash. GroVia’s customer service is excellent as well. I had a small issue with a couple of my GroVia soaker pads and they responded immediately (literally, within the hour!).

  242. Alicia says:

    GroVia has been the easiest cloth diaper I have ever used. My son is now 10 mo old and he has been using grovia since he was a baby! I am so impress at how great the diapers hold. Even overnight he doesnt have leaks plus I dont add to the landfills!

  243. Christina Albrigo says:

    I too love the new GroVia diapers. They are eco-friendly and Mom-friendly! I love that I can use the cloth at home and the disposable inserts when away. I only wish that Grobaby/GroVia had existed when my first two were little.

  244. Alison says:

    I love my cloth diapers! We have been cd’ing since bug was 4 weeks. He had the worse burn rash ever, switching to cloth cleared it right up and we haven’t seen a rash since, now 3 mos old. I love Grovia’s colors and prints! We also love the bioliners, they will be perfect when solid stool comes in and we are on the go. I got some for free with an order I placed.
    You def pay up front for CD’s but the savings is huge over a child’s diaper lifetime. More than the money, we are saving his precious skin which is very sensitive. I don’t feel like they are a ton of extra work at all. I hate if we are out and I run out of CD’s and have to use a spouse.

  245. Laura says:

    I love GroVia diapers. They are our mail diapers. I use the cloth inserts most of the time, but use the Biosoakers for long outings and for travel. They are the perfect diaper for us and fit my daughter like a dream. AND I had several of them converted to snaps recently and now I like them even better. It is so wonderful of the company to offer that service!

  246. Laura says:

    That should say “our MAIN diapers”

  247. Nicole B. says:

    I have been cloth diapering for 3 years now, and loving it! After doing this for 3 years, I have tried most of what is out there. Then I found the GroVia line. It’s not just their covers that sold me, it is that it’s a whole system, designed to get you through to you little one being potty trained! They are even daddy approved. I love the quality of the diapers, and that even the disposable items they have are eco friendly. Thanks GroVia for providing a wonderful green product!!!

  248. Alicia K says:

    I just recently started cloth diapering about a month ago. The first cloth I decided to try was GroBaby/GroVia…and it was a hit with not only me and baby(6mo), but also my hubby! We love that you don’t have to change the shell with each diaper change. We also love the disposable biosoaker option for on the go(we haven’t used them yet, but will on our many upcoming camping excursions)! I actually have one other brand aside from this that we are testing, but my husband has informed me time and time again that GroVia is is favorite!!

  249. Natasha says:

    I love GroVia! Recently bought 6 sets since I’m expecting baby #2 soon and they are my favorite diaper.

  250. Stephanie says:

    We’re also big GroVia fans here of the AIO’s & the Hybrids. I cloth diapered 2 of my older children but love the GroVia system for our new baby. They’re so easy to use, keep him dry & even overnight, no leaks. I like how much money we save but also that we don’t have that yucky chemical smell the disposable diapers give off. I recommend them all the time. Can’t go wrong here. :)

  251. Amy A. says:

    It’s nice to see celebrity moms who cloth diaper, and hopefully it will influence others to give GroVia a try, as well. I’ve had a great experience with both the hybrids and all-in-ones, and would love to see more prints! GroVia is my favorite!

  252. Nicole B. says:

    I have been cloth diapering for 3 years now, and loving it! After doing this for 3 years, I have tried most of what is out there. Then I found the GroVia line. It’s not just their covers that sold me, it is that it is a whole system, designed to get you through to you little one being potty trained! They are even daddy approved. I love the quality of the diapers, and that even the disposable items they have are eco friendly. THANKS GroVia for providing a wonderful green product!!!

  253. Alicia K says:

    I just started cloth diapering about a month ago, and GroBaby/GroVia was our first purchase. Not only was it a hit with me and baby(6mo), but my hubby also approves! We like that the shell doesn’t need to be replaced with each diaper change. We also love the disposable biosoaker option for on the go. We haven’t actually tried these yet, but will be using them soon on our many upcoming camping excursions! I have one other brand that I’ve been using aside from this, and my hubby has informed me time and time again that GroVia is his FAVORITE!!

  254. Jenelle says:

    GroVia was my first experience in cloth diapering, and I’m glad it was as it was a good one! After receiving other brands/types of diapers since, I must say that GroVia is my absolute favorite, and probably wouldn’t keep with cloth diapering if it was for the system. My husband loves this brand, and I recommend these to any of my friends who are thinking of cloth diapering, and I HIGHLY recommend these to any person reading this! You will never regret your decision!

  255. Blair says:

    I love the Grobaby/Grovia system. My little man will be here in 2 months, but I’m already in love with these diapers. When I said I wanted to cloth diaper my husband was a little worried and not sure about it, but when I found Grovia, my husband was very excited to cloth because he saw how easy they were to use. I can’t wait to use these on my little man and def can’t wait to see the new prints!!! :)

  256. Marilyn Jeffers says:

    We tried multiple different styles and types of cloth diapers before deciding on what we wanted to use. GroVia won the battle. Especially with 3 boys under the age of 3, we needed something that fit everyone.

  257. Yanika Tytherleigh says:

    We love our Grobaby/Grovia system and reach for them first in our stash of all kinds of diapers. I especially love the new aplix design and how quick they dry! I dont even have time to put the shells the clothes line before **POOF** they are dry.

  258. Jenelle says:

    GroVia is my favorite cloth diaper, and the biggest reason I stay with it. It is unique because it is an all in 2 system, and can reuse the shell in between diaper change. My husband loves this system and it is his favorite! Thanks GroVia for such a wonderful product. I highly recommend this system, try it and you won’t regret your decision!

  259. Melissa Keys Wagner says:

    I am looking forward to using GroVia diapers with my baby who willl be born in October. I will be able to use the disposable inserts while traveling and am looking forward to buying some of the new GroVia diapers.

  260. Ann Marie says:

    I did a ton of research, watched what felt like a million you tube videos about cloth diapers, and went to a local store in the area that has a class on cloth diapering options… the ones that I kept coming back to… Gro-Baby (at the time) now Gro-Via. Love them and saw them as the most “daddy-friendly” option. They are so fantastic and easy to use. Now I am a cloth diapering crazy. I love all the prints and get so excited when they come out with new stuff or there is a sale. I just want to keep buying more! Love them! Just give them a try if you are on the fence… I bet you will love them too!

  261. Ashley says:

    Our 5 month old has been using GroVia since birth! I absolutely love them and the company. Just out of curiosity, I decided to try out some different diapers and they don’t even compare to Gro Via!!

  262. Amy B. says:

    We love our Grovia diapers! They are the perfect travel diaper when you use the disposable inserts. They take up so little room in the diaper bag and are leakproof!

  263. Ali says:

    My husband and I knew NOTHING about cloth diapering and never even considered it prior to the birth of our little guy. Only 2 days after his birth, he got SEVERE diaper rash from our disposables! After 5 weeks, multiple creams (including prescription), and several hundred dollars later, we decided to give cloth diapering a try because we had been told it may help with diaper rash. We did our research, and while bumgenius came highly recommended, we decided to go with Gro-Via. We loved the idea of snap in soakers with the shells and the fact that you could use biosoakers when traveling. We went all out and got the big package right out of the gate and prayed that it would work. We’ve had our diapers for a month now and we LOVE THEM! They are SO easy to use that my husband even loves them (and he dry heaves at the sight of poop!). I’ve gone from knowing NOTHING about cloth diapering to LOVING it and telling all of my friends and family about it, all because of Gro-Via’s diapers. They work so well and we have never had any leaking issues (even with a very heavy wetter!) Gro-Via stands behind their product; their customer service is incredible. Thank you Gro-Via!

  264. Katrina Serrano says:

    I started cloth diapering 2 1/2 months ago my then 5 month old, we started with pockets & a few others, I also ordered some GroVia…When they arrived I was hooked, I then sold off everything else and now have enough GroVia to LIVE IT & LOVE IT :) …We love GroVia even my hubby who is not all for cloth diapering can manage to use them!

  265. Kristina Coffey says:

    I have yet to use grovia and was actually planning on purchasing one soon because my local diaper store just got them in stock! They look like a great diaper, easy to use and very cute to! I would love the opportunity to try out this diaper on my two boys!

  266. Christine Bondi says:

    From pretty much the day GroVia launched as GroBaby, I have been a dedicated fan. Not only for my own little boy, but for all of my family and friends. I am so glad to see cloth diaper love spreading, but most especially, GroVia love spreading! I tried all the rest, but finally found the best :D

  267. Emily says:

    GroVia is our out and about diaper! Its the easiest cloth diaper to bring out—its not bulky like other cloth diapers. When we go on vacation its what we take with us because it’s so easy to use : )

  268. Kassia says:

    Love GroVia!! Best diapers we’ve used by far. Even my husband grabs for them first! And both the grandma’s can use them with ease as well. Say’s a lot when I don’t have to explain how to use the diapers to someone who’s never used cloth and they can figure it out with no problem!

  269. Josie says:

    I myself can’t do the cloth, since my husband and I are both working. But I did my research to be more enviromentally friendly and in that I found grobaby/grovia to be my next best thing. I use the biosoakers with my shells and I love them. Aside from being cute and stylish, they are helping the environment one less disposable diaper at a time!!!!

  270. Rebecca F. says:

    I’m a newboe to cloth diapering and I’ve eased into it nicely, I think. Only one leak so far, and that was in front of my boss whille I was visiting for lunch while on maternity leave. She’s pregnant right now… The leak didn’t scare her. She said she had questions… Well, my little Lainey is wearing all GroBaby gear, and I’m waiting for more prints before we buy GroVia. Besides the one leak, we really like the organic soakers AND the biosoakers! Happy diapering!!!

  271. Nisha Sardella says:

    I Love Gro-via! They are my favorite diaper in my stash…

  272. rebecca says:

    I LOVE my GroBaby set… I can’t wait to try GroVia. I love that they’re a bit bigger now and they sound great! They are so easy to use and just yeah. I hope I have a little girl someday cause the girly prints are SOOOO adorable! They travel really well, especially with the disposable inserts.

  273. Tammy says:

    I love Grovia diapers. Everyone in my family, my husband, my mother-in-law and even the babysitter loves using them. One mere problem. We have to switch to snaps. My daughter has discovered and loves the sound of the velcro and we often find her running around bare butt.

  274. becky says:

    Love GroVia! The inserts are so compact & easy to take along on outings. And most importantly, we never get leaks!

  275. colleen says:

    looks like a Pamper to me in the picture, haha.

  276. Elizabeth says:

    I have been LOVING our GroVia/GroBaby diapers. They have quickly become one of my favorites to use. I love how trim they are, and after being washed several times, the organic cotton soaker pads are super absorbent! I’m so glad GroVia shells now have a higher rise so we’ll be able to use their awesome product even longer. :)

  277. Selina Francis says:

    I love my grovia!!!! Def. the easiest and most adsorbent cloth diaper I have.

  278. Erika Frank-Poletto says:

    I have been looking at the GroVia’s to replace the gdiapers we have that she is outgrowing. I haven’t purchased any to try yet, but use a DreamEze AIO and a fitted and love them both.

  279. Amanda Obral says:

    I’ve used GroBaby with my 9 month old since she was 6 weeks old. We love them!! We used disposables before the switch and her little bum was always red and irritated. As soon as we started using GroBaby the redness went away never to return! My husband says that he loves washing the diapers too because he can see the money flying into his pockets! lol

  280. Julie Kiewatt says:

    Our baby is due August 27th so we haven’t had the chance to experience GroVia yet. I have researched cloth diapers extensively and am so amazed and loving GroVia before I’ve even used them! Why wash the outside if it isn’t dirty? What an idea! An even Greeer choice than other cloth diapers. Plus, if the grandparents aren’t up for dealing with cloth, you can use the disposable inserts instead! I’m so excited! Love the colors and patterns and can’t wait to see what your coming up with now!

  281. [...] you cloth diapering moms out there: GroVia (formerly GroBaby and also Bethenny Frankel’s diaper of choice) is having a 24-hour online sale where you can get 25% off absolutely everything. The online sale [...]

  282. [...] cloth diaper brands is introducing fun, colorful prints, unique to the cloth diaper market. GroVia (formerly known as Gro Baby, but now way better) is an all-in-one, one-size diaper that grows with [...]

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