Bicycle Style: 10 Lovely Looks!


It’s fun to come up with cute outfits for bicycling! Whether you are commuting to work or just going out for a fun little ride and having a picnic, here are some pretty but practical looks for bicycling this season!

  • Floral Dress 1 of 10
    Floral Dress
    I love the floral dress and crown braid!
    Photo from Adeline Adeline.
  • Colorful Summer Outfit 2 of 10
    Colorful Summer Outfit
    I love the turquoise top with the belted navy shorts. This is such a put-together look for summer.
    Photo from Urban Weeds.
  • Floral Shorts 3 of 10
    Floral Shorts
    For summer, consider floral shorts for riding!
    Photo from Adeline Adeline.
  • Black and White 4 of 10
    Black and White
    This outfit of loose black pants and a white button-up is chic but riding friendly!
    Photo from Adeline Adeline.
  • Work Outfit 5 of 10
    Work Outfit
    A trench coat is practical for riding and looks put-together too.
    Photo from Adeline Adeline.
  • Short Skirts 6 of 10
    Short Skirts
    Layer short skirts with leggings or thick tights!
    Photo from Papillionaire.
  • Cooler Days 7 of 10
    Cooler Days
    On cooler days, a long coat and scarf will keep you warm while riding your bike.
    Photo from Papillionaire.
  • Short Coat 8 of 10
    Short Coat
    A short coat layered with a short skirt and thick tights is warm but comfortable for riding on cooler days.
    Photo from Papillionaire.
  • Two Braids 9 of 10
    Two Braids
    To keep hair out of the face, consider wearing it in two braids!
    Photo from Skeppshult.
  • Long Socks 10 of 10
    Long Socks
    I love this combo of short skirt and long socks!
    Photo from The Locals.

Chelsea Fuss is a blogger and prop stylist based in Portland who blogs daily at Frolic!

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