Big Dude, Little Dude: A Father's Day Gift for the Metro Pop


Posh Mommy's Daddy Dog TagLet’s face it, most Dads get jipped big time on Father’s Day. I’m shuddering at the mere thought of all those ties, cufflinks, and grilling tools selling out as I write. But really, can’t we be a bit more creative? After all, while Dads get a lot of flack for leaving socks and all sorts of unmentionables on the floor, they’re kind of an essential part of the whole parenting thing, no?

Today’s Dads are not afraid to be sentimental, either. Remember that guy who coached you through the labor, gained his share of sympathy pregnancy weight and even got up once or twice a week when the baby woke up. Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done without my husband when I first had my son. He helped me figure out the monster breast pump which scared the living daylights out of me and even taught my son to sleep albeit nine months and a whole lots of breakdowns later.

So to celebrate these modern, sensitive male in our lives, Posh Mommy has created man jewelry just for him…

And why not jewelry for men?! We moms have a whole slew of personalized options available to us (engraved stacking rings, charm necklaces, blingy diamond bits, you name it) that scream “I love my kids, no matter how much they irritate me,” so this masculine but sweet dog tag necklace for Dads couldn’t have come a moment too soon.

Made out of the sterling silver with a military style black rubber casin lending a funky edge, the daddy dog tag can be personalized with your kids’ names and/or birthdays. The best part? There’s even a mini-me version for your little dude who will wear his name proudly knowing he’s just like Dad.

Little Dude Dog Tags from Posh Mommy

Speaking of Father’s Day gifts, what was your most creative gift idea so far? (Um, the one he actually used…not just pretended to like.)

Photos: Posh Mommy