Big Head = Brilliant Idea


Big Head Baby

Like most moms, you’ve probably heard about the study showing that babies with largest heads scored the highest on IQ tests. Unfortunately, all that brain power doesn’t translate into hassle-free changing and dressing. In fact, those big bobble baby heads only make the matter more difficult on you and baby.

Thankfully, we can now breath a collective sign of relief with the introduction of Big Head Baby clothing.

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Made for all those rushed and harried moms, Big Head Baby is a  brilliantly simple idea  that just landed on the market — and not a moment too soon. I can’t vouch that the designer Karen is a genius or has a higher IQ score than any of us, but her “sleeve zipper” idea on the kiddy bodysuits speaks volumes.

The “sleeve zipper” design makes dressing your baby a breeze as it fits easily over any and all baby head sizes, when unzipped. It also boosts funky colors, whimsical designs with reversible cuffs, an an amazing zipper lining that prevents the zipper from ever touching baby skin. And don’t even get me started on the organic softness of this little masterpiece. Available in the fall at Big Head Baby

Photos: Big Head Baby