Black Friday: Best Buy Issues Warning About 2010 Leaked Ad


Do you really believe that the Black Friday ads aren’t leaked intentionally? Any marketer would tell you that you want to get those consumers excited, eager, ready and willing to spend their hard earned cash with them this holiday season. One way? To leak those all important Black Friday deals early…you want those people to be lined up at your stores first thing in the morning on Friday. But not all retailers are standing by the “leaks.” On Facebook Best Buy issued a warning saying:

“Please be advised, until our Black Friday ad is released on one of our official sites, we cannot guarantee the validity of any promotions listed on any other sites. That being said, generally we will feature promotions both online a…t and in store. Until our ad is released however, we cannot comment on what will be available or when. ”

But that’s probably just saving them in case some overzealous Black Friday site issues some erroneous information. Or maybe they’re still doing some tweeting and there slightly different deals? I guess we’ll all have to wait until next week! Also you can be the first to see their OFFICIAL Black Friday ad once it’s ready by RSVP on the events section of their Facebook page right here.

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