Bliss Gets Political with Bi-Partisan Scents


Bliss is holding a little election of their own — no debates or smear campaigns, just beauty and easy online voting. (The way the world would be if women ran it.)

Their 2012 “eau-lection” (aw!) is between “O” bama (orange-scented body lotion) and “Mint” romney (minty body lotion) — and MAY THE BEST SCENT WIN.

Of course no election comes without a cost, as we all know:

To vote, first make a purchase of at least $50 at, and then you’ll have a chance to “vote” on which limited-edition lotion sample you’d like.

And considering I’m obsessed with Bliss’ Blood Orange and White Pepper lotion scent (c/o this lovely party), I’ll have to go with “O” bama on this one.

Just saying.

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