Blythe x Littlest Pet Shop - Attack of the Cute!


Attention all Blythe fans! It’s time to veer away from those Japanese fan sites and handmade Blythe outfits on etsy. Now it’s time for you to go to hit the mainstream and journey down to your local big box toy retailer and pick up a whole new Blythe. This time she’s  brought to you by the purveyors of ultra cuteness, the makers of Littlest Pet Shop. This mash up of Blythe’s big eyed iconography and the big eyed adorableness of the Littlest Pet Shop is really a match made in a Keane-ish heaven.

The Blythe loves Littlest Pet Shop collection has come out just in time for Christmas and features five Pet Shop Blythe sets which include a doll, a pet, a comb and some kind of accessory from a pair of eyeglasses to a pinwheel.

Each set retails for $14.99 and you can pick them up from right here. But the countless “awwwws and ohhhhhhs,” those are priceless. Check out the rest of the sets below.

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