Bobo Choses New Fall Line!


This Spain based kids line makes some of our favorite kids clothes ever. It makes clothes that are playful and childlike but not corny. It’s perfect. See their entire new Fall collection in the slideshow below.

  • Umbrella Sweater 1 of 7
    Umbrella Sweater
  • Love the Bag! 2 of 7
    Love the Bag!
  • Pretzel Overalls 3 of 7
    Pretzel Overalls
  • Cozy Sweater 4 of 7
    Cozy Sweater
  • Owl Overalls 5 of 7
    Owl Overalls
  • Polka Sweater 6 of 7
    Polka Sweater
  • Blue Dress 7 of 7
    Blue Dress

Find out all the retailers that carry Bobo Choses right here.

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