BOO! A Haunted Gingerbread House!


I love this idea for a fun Halloween activity with your kids: William Sonoma has a No-Bake Haunted Gingerbread House Kit that comes with everything you need to build and decorate your haunted gingerbread house. Really. Everything. Pre-baked cookie pieces, icing, candy!  It seems like having everything pre-made would make it a much more enjoyable Halloween activity with kids. No waiting around for things to bake and mixing together frosting and food coloring. There are even pre-embossed lines showing the decorative details so you know where to pipe the  icing. Yes, please!

Keep reading and find out how they’ve made it even easier than giving you every pre-made piece!

There’s even a video instruction on how to put it together here. Thank you William Sonoma!

Images: William Sonoma

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