BrickStix Reusable LEGO Decals


BrickStix LEGO Decals

These award-winning reusable cling decals dreamed up by 11-year-old inventor Greyson MacLean will breath new life into your LEGOs.


BrickStix reusable LEGO decals

BrickStix are reusable, removable and “restickable” cling decals for LEGO, MEGA BLOKS, and other plastic bricks. You can add a watchdog to your city, stick an alien aboard your spaceship, or put a dent in a car. Change your BrickStix as often as you change your mind.

They are currently offered in six different sets: Metro, Space, Transport, Rescue, Splats, and Shops. Each set comes with 84 decals (two of each type) and a handy board to put them on when not in use.


BrickStix Metro Stix ($5.99)

BrickStix Metro



BrickStix Space Stix ($5.99)

BrickStix Space Stix



BrickStix Transport Stix ($5.99)

BrickStix Transport Stix



BrickStix Rescue Stix ($5.99)

BrickStix Rescue Stix



BrickStix Splats Stix ($5.99)

BrickStix Splats Stix



BrickStix Shops Stix ($5.99)

BrickStix Shops Stix


Visit the BrickStix website for more information.


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