Brilliant Arts and Crafts Project: A Homemade Advent Calendar!


Looking for some arts and crafts ideas to make this the best kids Christmas ever? Here’s one that takes the cake! A homemade advent calendar that your kids can help with–and that you get to have fun filling as the month goes by!

Keep reading to find out how-to instructions and where to get the supplies for this great kids craft project.

White take-out boxes are available at any party supply store or large craft store. For the numbers on the sides of the boxes, you or your kids can write them on or use number stickers. You can also use stickers, scrapbooking supplies, glitter, markers, or whatever you like to decorate the boxes. Then line them up in order and wait for the elves to fill them!

Note: We got this idea from Noix de Coc, a great French kids store where you can buy the kit for this calendar if you don’t want to make it yourself.