Bring Your Child's Drawings to Life


Child's Own Studio Custom Plush Doll Toy

Why hang your child’s artwork on the fridge when you can bring it to real life? Child’s Own Studio will take your child’s drawings and faithfully recreate them as a custom plush doll or toy.


  • Pirate Girl 1 of 10
    Pirate Girl
    by Riley, age 10
  • Jess’ Man 2 of 10
    Jess' Man
    by Jess, age 6 Jess' Man
  • Evelyn’s Girl 3 of 10
    Evelyn's Girl
    by Evelyn, age 10
  • Hanna’s Owl 4 of 10
    Hanna's Owl
    by Hanna, age 7
  • Aiko’s Zombie 5 of 10
    Aiko's Zombie
    by Aiko, age 8
  • Brendan’s Monster 6 of 10
    Brendan's Monster
    by Brendan, age 9
  • Dante’s Guy 7 of 10
    Dante's Guy
    by Dante, age 6
  • Olivia’s Guy 8 of 10
    Olivia's Guy
    by Olivia, age 8
  • Eloise’s Doll 9 of 10
    Eloise's Doll
    by Eloise, age 4
  • Anna’s Princess 10 of 10
    Anna's Princess
    by Anna, age 6


Available at prices ranging from $60 to $130 at Child’s Own Studio.


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