Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co

As self-proclaimed purveyors of high quality crime fighting merchandise, the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. is a one-stop shop for all of your superhero needs.

The shop actually serves as a front for 826NYC, a youth-oriented, non-profit creative writing center founded by author Dave Eggers. That’s not to say that the shop isn’t legit — they sell a full range of superhero gear including capes, grappling hooks, antimatter, and more. All proceeds from the store go directly to 826NYC.

  • Secret Identity Kit ($7.99) 1 of 12
    Secret Identity Kit ($7.99)
    Available in your choice of six identities. Each kit contains a registration form, troubleshooting guide, FAQ, signature practice sheet, and more.
  • Immortality ($11) 2 of 12
    Immortality ($11)
    Extends life indefinitely. Comes in one gallon can.
  • Intelligence ($12.99) 3 of 12
    Intelligence ($12.99)
    A neuro-oil formula specially designed to meet the demands of heroes in the field. Comes in 32oz. can with mutant-proof lid.
  • Muscle ($12.99) 4 of 12
    Muscle ($12.99)
    The gym is for civilians. Comes in 32oz. can.
  • Vacuum Suction Cups ($18.50) 5 of 12
    Vacuum Suction Cups ($18.50)
    One pair of compact suction cups able to support the weight of superheroes encumbered by earth's gravity. Rubber cups with plastic handles.
  • X-Ray Vision ($11) 6 of 12
    X-Ray Vision ($11)
    Far and away the best method for seeing through solid objects without breaking them. 16 fluid ounces.
  • Invisibility Detection Goggles ($14.99) 7 of 12
    Invisibility Detection Goggles ($14.99)
    Each pair of goggles features patented, polycarbonate-lens invisibility detection technology.
  • Doom and Gloom ($21) 8 of 12
    Doom and Gloom ($21)
    For use while traveling through, or spending time in, the Negative Zone.
  • Superhero Maps ($11.75) 9 of 12
    Superhero Maps ($11.75)
    Your everything guide to all things Superhero across the beautiful planet "they" call earth. Versions available for United States North East, United States Midwest, and Canada.
  • Geographical Index of Good and Evil ($15) 10 of 12
    Geographical Index of Good and Evil ($15)
    Know where you'll find support, where they need you most, and where you really, really don't want to break down.
  • Sonic Blaster ($9.99) 11 of 12
    Sonic Blaster ($9.99)
    Blowing into mouthpiece creates a sound that can be heard nearly a quarter-mile away.
  • Superhero Cape ($25 child, $30 adult) 12 of 12
    Superhero Cape ($25 child, $30 adult)
    If you're a working, flying superhero, the cape is a must-have. Because let's face it. Without one, you're just some guy who looks like he's falling. Available in a variety of colors.


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