Bubbles That Smell Like Summer!


How jaded can one tot get? My son and I have been through a gazillion bubble permutations. We started with the Gymboree, moved on to bubble guns, graduated to colored ones — and let me just say this kid is now officially bubble averse. Just mention the word “bubbles” and his eyes glaze over in that been-there-done-that, is-that-all-you-got? look.

Back when I was a young girl growing up in Kiev, Ukraine (cue violins), bubbles were a veritable miracle, a rare sighting usually followed by kids kicking and stomping each other down to capture the magical flying circles.

Of course kids are cynical today! What with generic, every day bubbles available on any street corner, it’s a wonder they’re still selling them at all. Fortunately, help is on the way for the jaded set…

There’s a new bubble revolution and it’s name is “bubble-licious!” A Parisian perfumer, Franic Kurkdjian (the man behind such esteemed fragrances as Cologne Blanche and Eau Noire for Dior and Rumeur for Lanvin) came up with a brilliant idea for scented bubbles, creating simple moments of delicious joy for kids and adults to enjoy together.

With a gorgeous package and even more gorgeous smelling potion inside with scents like Cold Mint, Cut Herbs and Pear, the natural scents will liven up any garden party, birthday party or backyard soiree.

And while these chic little packages of bubble fun cost more than your average supermaket-bought variety, when it comes to awing your world-weary offspring, it may just be worth it.

Photo: Bergdorf Gooman

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