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Bye Bye Crocs, Hello Native Kids. Win a Pair Before They Hit the Streets

By ElinaMamaista |

I have to say I was one of those people who fought the good fight against Crocs. I turned up my nose at moms who would have the audacity to dress their little ones in the offending shoe (don’t even get me started on the adults who wore them). But before you send me your barrels of hate mail in defense of them, let me tell you that I like most people eventually turned. The comfort, the ease, the practicality of Cros, it all finally did me in and I bought a pair for my son. Sure, it was only six months ago and the Crocs were the newest, most stylish model that actually looked sorta cool, but I still felt a tiny twinge of complacency when I looked at them.

Fortunately, there’s an answer to my woes in the form of the hottest, newest and most exciting shoe launch of 2010, Native shoes.

View the shoe eye candy after the jump and enter to WIN ONE OF 4 pairs for your tot…

Designed to thrill, but made to last and function much like a Croc, it’s the answer to every mom’s stylish prayer. Having seen these perforated works of wonder last year at a trade show, I was waiting anxiously for the kids version to arrive in stores. And they’re here, they are finally here! Perfect when worn with or without socks, on the beach or in the classroom, it’s the ideal shoe to transition into fall and show off your early adapter status on the first day of school.

Get ‘em before they’re hot! While you’re at it, pick yourself up a pair in one of the many adult sizes for mini-me coolness.

THE GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED. CONGRATS TO Melissa, Susan B, Rena and Karmann M on scoring a pair of these amazing shoes!

>>GIVEAWAY: Comment here on why these are so much cooler than Crocs (no offense to the beloved brand), and you could be chosen as one of 4 lucky winners to score these shoes before everyone else does!

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Elina Furman Landauer is a media vet with over 15 years of experience producing lifestyle content for women. She launched A-List Mom with her sister, Leah Furman, to help moms filter through the myriad of information online. Elina is a former contributor to the Style and Parenting channels on Babble.

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128 thoughts on “Bye Bye Crocs, Hello Native Kids. Win a Pair Before They Hit the Streets

  1. Deanna Hernandez-Arza says:

    I like the native shoes….very cute

  2. Abigail M says:

    My 2 year old would rock the pink ones! They just look more versatile…and cool.

  3. barbie says:

    Cooler than crocs because they (sorta, from a distance?) look like real shoes! love the turquoise ones.

  4. Michele says:

    I, too, fought against the Crocs until I realized how “practical” they are. (Ugh, I feel like such an old lady for saying that!) These seem somehow cooler, though, and I like them since they look more appropriate for autumn.

  5. Susanne says:

    These are really cute! My kids wore Crocs all summer and I even gave in and bought a pair. These, however, won’t make me look like I have giant pink duck feet. :)

  6. Jen says:

    These are wayyyy cuter, look at those colors! I want a pair for myself.

  7. Brenda Reid says:

    I love them they are sooo cute!!! My son lived in his crocs for the summer cause they were so easy to put them on but they kept falling off when he was riding his bike so for his safety I made him wear running shoes. These would be awesome cause they would stay on his feet. Thanks sooo much for sharing this!!!

  8. Karen Mwins says:

    These are brilliant! The ease and comfort of crocs but they look like they will stay on when a kid is being a kid! My 4 yr old twin girls are crushed that their crocs are not allowed at school due to safety reasons, but it would be like Christmas morning if I could give them each a pair of these to wear! Sign me up… my fingers will be crossed!!!!

  9. Rena says:

    Great looking! I love the colors and the more streamlined style.

  10. Kath says:

    These are fabulous — much safer-looking than the Crocs and they seem like you can actually run in them without them falling off.

  11. Maggie says:

    I like that you can wear socks with them!

  12. jlee says:

    no heel straps for kids to play with, cool shoes!

  13. Jenny says:

    What a great concept, the traditional sneaker, which can be hosed down when it gets dirty. no offense to the Croc, but every kid loves a good sneaker, right?

  14. Jen J says:

    Well not only do they look better than Crocs but they look so much safer! My daughter tries to run in Crocs and is always tripping! Love the colors available, too!

  15. christine says:

    oooh I want for my son. perfection.

  16. Shiv says:

    The white contrast gives it much more of a hip factor

  17. Kim S. says:

    Love the style so much more than crocs!

  18. Susan says:

    So much more personality and style than Crocs!..

  19. Michelle Walsh says:

    These are adorable, never liked the crocs! My daughter would love these.

  20. Jennifer says:

    These are SO cute! And they look much more durable and safe….my kids would LOVE to rock these!

  21. Elain Ponce De Leon says:

    These are so much cooler looking than crocs. I’ve never been a fan of crocs. These are much more versatile for the kids and you don’t have to worry about a strap in the back!

  22. Lucia Weinmeister says:

    These shoes look awesome. They’re like a flip-flop on steroids. Look just as easy to care for, just as versatile, safer and way more appropriate.

  23. Jessica McGhee says:

    I do not like crocs….they look like bricks on my daughter’s feet! These are adorable and sleek! She can wear them with socks! Crocs fall off when she runs and climbs (she’s a toddler, these look alot more sturdy and safe!

  24. tasha says:

    well first off they are super duper rad because NATIVE is from VANCOUVER CANADA!!!! (thats where we live too :) ) secondly…their styles are soo off the hook..they are somewhat replicas of other fashion savvy shoes out on the market…and third…how cool are they??? for real!!! love em! want my lil one to have a pair bad!!!! (and well i want a pair too)

  25. Lyla Gleason says:

    I love how cute these look. And I love that they will stay on better than crocks!

  26. Amy Comperchio says:

    These are way cooler then crocs! I would love a pair of jeffersons for my son.

  27. Karmann Mills says:

    They actually look a lot more stable than Crocs. My 16 month old was rocking some pink Crocs this summer and definitely took some tumbles BECAUSE the shoes would slide around on her feet. Don’t even get me started on trekking back up the street from the beach to find a dropped Croc AND wandering around Mount Vernon looking for that same shoe! These new shoes will be great for her and a welcome improvement!!

  28. Betsy says:

    these look way more like normal shoes than crocs. We use crocs as slippers around our house… we could actually wear these out in public!

  29. Marci says:

    These are cute and don’t look like rubber Dutch shoes.

  30. Carrie Cotton says:

    I love my Cocks.. but I am switching teams now!! These ROCK!

  31. Brianne Russo says:

    They resemble a pair of converse for kids. But they have the comfortably and ease of use we have all come to love in the cross.

  32. sara says:

    so cute and they look so comfy for my little man…

  33. Fran Oriordan says:

    These are so much cooler than crocs bc they actually look like some thought went into the design! would love to win some!

  34. Maureen says:

    Super cute – looks like they won’t fall off as easily when the wee ones are running!

  35. Shannon Oakes says:

    So fabulous for my little girls who love a sneaker look but still the comfort of a slip on! Great colors too!

  36. Krista says:

    Because they look like real shoes, have soles.. much cooler than Crocs, but still just as cozy.

  37. Naomie says:

    I like these! I’ve always had my boys in crocs, but I might consider switching to these, they seem as comfortable and cute!

  38. Laura says:

    For me, it’s half practical and half style. Little Crocs are cute, but some are really clunky for our 19 month old. The ones that are smaller don’t fit her chubby feet. These look like they would offer her comfort and stability, while looking like a toddler fashionista!

  39. Tiffany says:

    I love how they look like tennis shoes. Their cute and very different. I’l love my daughter to have a pair.

  40. MaryAlice Riemann says:

    i would love these for my niece…much cuter than crocs!

  41. Megan says:

    Crocs are banned at our school. With these you get the ease of a croc but with style and no worries about them falling off easily!

  42. sharon says:

    these look much more streamlined and cute!

  43. Diane Fond says:


  44. Premier says:

    Just found out we were featured on Babble. Enter coupon code “babble10″ to save 10% through 11/30/10. Good for Native as well as others!

  45. Bevin says:

    I like them better because the others don’t fit my kids feet. They have never owned a pair because of this. But these look like their feet will not slip around on the inside. Super cute too.

  46. Erica says:

    Those shoes are fantastic! Definitely cooler looking than crocs

  47. Kelly Robertson Notar says:

    Wow, what fun fun shoes! Plus they look like they may actually stay on my kiddos feet!

  48. [...] ALERT: Love cool kicks? Check out our amazing Native Kids shoe giveaway on Four lucky winners will walk away with the best shoes for Fall! [...]

  49. Shelley says:

    They look like real shoes, not like you put c”rocks” on your feet.

  50. Jane Gerard says:

    The colors are so much better and they just look like really cool shoes! I’d love for my 2 year old to sport a pair of Native Shoes.

  51. Leigh says:

    I love that you can wear these year-round, not just warmer months. I know that some people wear socks with Crocs, but I just don’t think that’s how they were meant to be worn…

  52. Tracy P says:

    They look like they would actually stay on my sons fee. Much safer for escalators.

  53. Michelle S says:

    Because my son will look a little more Spicoli and less Batali in Natives…. not to mention they look like they probably cause a lot less slips and trips

  54. Dawn W says:

    I love them because they look like actually shoes ie sneakers I think they are more dressier than crocs

  55. Susan B says:

    These shoes look like shoes and not like rubber boats. I like that they look a little retro…sort of like converse sneakers. They appear to be a stable shoe and offer much more versatility than crocs.

  56. alissa says:

    i love these. so much fun! they look very cool- like little comfy sneakers. i would love to win a pair for my little one.

  57. Lisa Marie says:

    These are adorable and look comfy! Crocs look a bit bulky.

  58. Melanie Sartain says:

    These are cooler than Crocs because my son could actually wear these to daycare. They have banned Crocs because kids keep tripping when they wear them. Crazy, huh?! Seriously, I love the colors and the easy slide on and off and that they look more like real shoes =)

  59. Jessica M says:

    My son is a sneakers only type of kid who will not wear crocs, but he would love these for school, water play and the beach!

  60. simone says:

    These look like they are more fit to the shape of your foot and less like a clog. Not sure if they will be more or less comfortable because of that, but they look a little more modern. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  61. cookie burrows says:

    because they are sneaks!

  62. Llewellyn says:

    cute new take on a tennis shoe – I love all the fun colors and kids can run without losing their shoes

  63. anniesmom says:

    Cooler than crocs!! modern materials formed into a classic!!

  64. Robyn says:

    With three active boys, these actually look like they would stay on their feet & of course they look really cool!

  65. Angie Whitfield says:

    This is a no brainer for me. Because of the sleek new design they won’t be slipping off their feet as they run around thus they won’t get blisters on their feet and I won’t have to hear the never-ending complaining about how their feet hurt and they can’t go on. Also, the cool colors and ability to lace them up really give the children the ability to express themselves. They seem to be much more supportive for those precious little feet and that makes me as a mom feel good about them.

  66. SassyMomChicago says:

    My daughter is obsessed with her Crocs but they are not allowed to wear clogs to school. These look much more stable and more like a tennis shoe. I like that you can wear socks and that these would be allowed at school if I decided to purchase.

  67. cher says:

    I love that they look like gym shoes, come in fun colors, and have a sturdy thick looking sole.

  68. Lynn V says:

    Crocs fighter, here… We still do not own one pair of Crocs — not a fan…at all. However, these are CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!
    I’m officially on board! Anything that looks less like an oversized ortho-shoe works for me! Our 3 year old ADORES Converse and these resemble that look so he will LOVE them!

  69. Crystal Schabinger says:

    I love the look of these better than Crocs… they actually look wearable!

  70. Shawn says:

    I also have fought against Crocs, refuse to follow the crowd. But I must say that these shoes are really cute. Would love to wear them!

  71. Alison Rubin says:

    My daughter loves these. She was just walking by the computer as I looked at the picture of them and absolutely freaked!!! She wants them today!

  72. Julia Angel says:

    I belong to the staunchest Crocs’ opposition. They are on my list of the worst style offenders along with the cartoon characters’ tees and baseball appliques. I hid away the pair of crocs given to my son by his aunt. I know they are extremely comfortable so the potato sack is. Mind you, I actually like those! They look like cool perforated sneakers, which amps up the coolness factor. They have these fake lace eyelets, they are sturdy, the colors are fantastic! What is there not to like? Sign me up and fix my little trendsetter with a pair:)

  73. Talex says:

    These Native Shoes are great looking, so comfortable and easy to get off and on. The kids can wear socks in them and they’re wonderful for back-to-school. Course I would need two pairs for the twins (black and pink) but I would be happy to pay for the second pair if I were so lucky to win. And I have to admit I like them better than crocs. Fingers crossed and hoping ….

  74. Quanda says:

    My children would love these! They stay on the feet, which is a big plus, and I love the colors!! :)

  75. Diane Fond says:


  76. Z. Gennert says:

    These look like a real “shoe” alternative to crocs! Not only do they seem like you could actually run around in them without losing them, but they’re just as hoseable! Looking forward to trying a pair myself…

  77. Carole says:

    They are as classic and cool as Keds. And Crocs are just too granola-hippy to look good anywhere. (Besides, I think they might qualify as ‘sandals’ — a no-no for school.)

  78. Barbara says:

    They are SO cute. They have a different look to them…we love wearing new things, so we’d love to check these out! My 4 year old daughter would love them!

  79. vikki parman says:

    I like the perforated look and the more traditional shoe look.

  80. Isa says:

    OMG! THESE ARE RIDICULOUSLY CUTE!!!! I’m so glad I never gave into Crocs and held out for something better to come along. Crocs really are unsafe for kiddos, so happy these are here!!!

  81. Ellen says:

    I never liked Crocs much. I have a toddler and am not interested in Crocs for him, but the Native for Kids are very chic. I particularly adore the Jefferson model. They remind me a little of Converse shoes.

  82. Pamela says:

    The original Crocs often fall off while the kids are playing. These new Native shoes look like they are more sturdy and will stay on, which makes this mom (and teacher) thrilled as safety is very important!

  83. Kristie Belding says:

    I got a pair of deep discounted pho-Crocs at CVS about a year ago for my little one. It was to keep her socks on while it was still cool out, but I didn’t want to overheat her with the slipper kind…at 4 months she could have them off within seconds! She outgrew them within 2 weeks, so I never got to even use them! Now at 15 months she is a size 6T. We have been looking for breathable easy to slip-on/off shoes (for times she has walk/stand in public) for our often too hot TX weather and these might just do the trick! I share the same concerns as other mothers with the Crock line. The foot is not encased securely enough for play and most kids just kick them off when they get too annoyed with them.

  84. Tracy Matacia says:

    Native shoes are sooooo Cool
    They will make your little ones drool !
    Crocs were neat
    but not on everyones Feet !
    The colors are so beautiful and bright,
    they are sure to delight !

  85. Judiane says:

    These really are cute! I’m not a fan of crocs but they are practical when you spend a lot of time at the beach! I would buy my 3 year old a pair of the native shoes!!

  86. Julia R. Boykin says:

    My 4 boys love a sneaker. These have the style of a sneaker with a different twist.

  87. Karen Rock says:

    My daughter liked being shoe-free this summer. I think these shoes would be great because she could still feel the wind onher toes like Crocs. It would be easy for me to get them on her but hard for her to just kick tthem off!

  88. Adrian Vaughan says:

    We have them ALL in stock at and we CANNOT keep them in stock. Kids and adults love them!! Shoe Company of the year for us by far!!

  89. Jen S. says:

    these are sooo much better because they actually look like “real” shoes. I also like that they are not as wide and don’t look like plastic clogs. very cool shoe – perfect for rain and activities like canoeing etc. thanks!

  90. renaaaa says:

    So much cooler than cross love tthe colors and that they have a back to cover the heel safer indeed

  91. Beverly says:

    My 2 boys have never worn the Crocs b/c of all the press I read about the dangers on escalators etc….These are super duper cute, cover the entire foot & look cool, too…..gotta get me some!

  92. Jamie B. says:

    These look more like a shoe and look like they will stay on my little one while they jump around and run!!! Such a great idea…and so CUTE!

  93. Sarah P. says:

    Love, love, love these! Look so much more supportive than crocs! hope I win!

  94. Jaymee says:

    They look like Vans and Crocs had a baby together and named it Native Kids!!! Love♥

  95. Melissa says:

    Very cute! They look like crocs without the bulk. Love it!

  96. tracey says:

    these are fabulous. my son would look great in the aqua ones!

  97. madplanner says:

    These are so much better than crocs, which look like an army of clown shoes invaded the nation. Instead, the Native shoes are sporty and fashionable! My kids would love them!

  98. patricia says:

    How totally cute! Would love to win these for our little shoe hound!

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  100. [...] Babble Family Style] Filed under Fall 2010 at 2:42 am and Add a comment » Create a free edublog to get your [...]

  101. Clarissa says:

    i have to say i have yet to cave to the crocs! no one hear owns them yet. Now these I would let them wear! Much cuter. Not so much the big boxy look of the others

  102. felecia says:

    I like them because they are cute and they have a better back on them.

  103. Crystal Bruns says:

    I LOVE me some crocs but sometimes you just want another style. These are great. My boys would look great in the red or the royal blue ones!

  104. abcegc says:

    These definitely look better than the normal Crocs.

  105. rose says:

    i have never liked crocs. Tried them but was not pleased with them so I returned them. I have never heard of these but would like to try them

  106. Nichole says:

    I like that they seem that they appear to stay on better, and would fit my daughter’s feet better. Crocs never fit her correctly.

  107. Allison says:

    They look Vans-y!

  108. Kim says:

    Looks like they would stay on your feet better…my son trips in his crocs all the time. I threw them away!

  109. Lisa Ash says:

    Cooler than crocs because they are stinking cute! They would stay on our one-year-old much more safely.

  110. k. annie says:

    These look like Barbie sneakers on steroids! Love them! Want them!

  111. Janelle says:

    my daughter is obsessed with Yellow and she would LOVE these! They are sooo much cuter than Crocs and look like they’d stay on better too!

  112. ema says:

    so much more versatile and cool. my kids can rock these any day any time!

  113. Kristinia says:

    The design to me looks cooler. I think they would stay on a childs foot alot easier too. The slip ons don’t work for my kids.

  114. sumer elliott says:

    They would stay on his feet better bc they have a back!

  115. Mayra says:

    Native Kids are cooler than Crocs because they look amazingly modern, hip and comfortable! Can’t wait for my little guy to rock them : )

  116. kalah says:

    so cute!! i want a pair for all 3 kidos!

  117. Rita says:

    They are adorable!They seem to fit really well and are a thousand times cutter than the crocs. I want a pair! In each color :)

  118. Heather Moses says:

    From my first look I thought they were cuter than crocs !! Love the colors and love the fact that with or without socks they will still look plum adorable !!! My 5yr old DD would love these !!

  119. Tikki says:

    Very cute- love the color names!

  120. Angela says:

    Very cute!

  121. Shelley says:

    They remind me of converse…so cute! Little feet would look darling in thesse.

  122. maxers says:

    those are so much more superfly than crocs! the holes are so cute, you wouldn’t want to put jibbets in them (they end up hurting my kids’ feet anyway.) p.s. does throwing shoes at each other encourage a love for stylish shoes?

  123. marisol says:

    I love these shoes! They are super cute and a lot more stylish than Cros, my little one would be able to take them on and off all by himself!

  124. marisol says:

    I love these shoes! They are super cute and a lot more stylish than Cros, my ittle one would be able to take them on and off all by himself!

  125. Leslie L says:

    Love these!! My kids wear crocs year-round and would LOVE these!!!

  126. Linnea says:

    These are great compared to Crocs because my son doesn’t get splinters anymore running around like he did with the slip-on Crocs. The Natives do give him blisters though, so he doesn’t wear them as much as I would like him to.

  127. JV says:

    Unfortunately in the name of style, these will clog (no pun intended) the landfills for generations- what do you suppose the decomposition rate of these babies is?

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