Calling All "Grown-Ups": Crayon Art Isn't Just for Kids


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Remember how exciting a new box of crayons was when you were a kid? You might remember that feeling every time you watch your kids color. The sad reality is, most adults put away the crayons as they grow up and graduate to “grown-up” writing utensils, like pens and pencils (you know, those things people used before everything became computerized). But what if we told you that crayons aren’t just for kids? That’s what Lee Hammond’s art book, Amazing Crayon Drawing, is all about! Find out more, and see a cool video of some crayon drawings. You’ll never believe these portraits were made with crayons!

Lee Hammond’s book shows you step-by-step how to create realistic representations of animals, people, flowers, landscapes, and more using the same wax crayons your kids use to color. If you’re not the artistic one, this book would make a great gift for any artistic friend or family member. With 29 demonstrations, you (or they) will learn a wide range of techniques and tricks that can easily be passed on to anyone (even kids)!

Scope the video below! You can also purchase the book on Amazon.

— Marisa DeSisto

Photo credit: iStock Photo

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