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cassette sunglasses

Last summer I was sitting by a pool, making new acquaintances in my neighborhood, when a very stylish young family walked in and found a sunny spot near mine. After introducing myself, I had to ask them… where did they get their sunglasses? Both husband and wife sported fashionable swimsuits and cover-ups, but the sunglasses were what caught my eye, (no pun intended). They brought the wow factor. I learned that the sunglasses were from a company called Cassette, and that’s about all I learned. Unsatisfied, I did my research and this cool story emerged.

Cassette was started by pro snowboarder, Jade Thomason, who got tired of breaking his expensive sunglasses on the slopes. Rather than settle for less quality, he began making his own. Cassette values durability, using materials like wood and bamboo, and many styles are gender-neutral.  Whether you’re looking for casual summer shades or for cutting edge extreme sport eyewear, for him or for her, look no further than Cassette.

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