Beautiful Gold Jewelry Designed By One Classy Celebrity Mama


I’m not one for big, flashy accessories, which is why I love these simple, yet luxurious nature inspired jewelry pieces!

Born and raised in Los Angeles, the designer of these pieces found her love for jewelry making at just six years old after her grandmother taught her the art of creating enamel jewelry. In 2005, after working for two of the largest fashion houses, Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren, this talented woman established her business with a goal to create substantial yet elegant pieces for women and moms to wear everyday.

This is definitely not a cheap line as the rings, bracelets and necklaces are all made with yellow, rose and white 18-karat gold, some with semi-precious and delicate precious stone accents!

Find out which celebrity designs these pieces after the jump!

Jennifer Meyer Maguire is the talent behind Jennifer Meyer Jewelry. Yes, Maguire as in Toby Maguire‘s wife (Mr. Spiderman)! Her leaf design (pictured above) is super popular and has been seen on A-listers and women across the country. Prices range from $725, right up into the thousands depending on what type of stone suites your fancy.

The 18k Yellow Gold Loveyou Necklace (also available in Sweetpea and Sweetheart) retails for $600.00.

The 18K Gold Nameplate Necklace will cost you a hefty $975 and can be engraved with up to 8 letters.

If you love Jennifer Meyer’s Jewelry, and have the cash to spend, head on over to where they have a nice selection.