CES 2011: ion iCade Makes Your New-School iPad An Old-School Arcade Machine


CES 2011

The coolest iPad accessory at the show was, without a doubt, the iCade from ion. To be honest, it looks more complicated than it is. It’s really just a bluetooth gaming device with a really cool cabinet. It doesn’t even have a dock connector — the iPad just rests inside the cabinet and then you can play arcade style games. They were demoing the classic Atari game Asteroids at the show, but they say at launch there will be dozens of games from Atari that will work with it.

And it’s not limited to Atari — ion is treating it like any other iPad accessory so any developer who wants to enable their game with it can do so. The iCade from ion will retail for $99 and be available in the late spring of 2011.

Christopher Ford