CES 2011: Maxell Kids Portable DVD Projector


Video projectors aren’t something that are typically made for children to use, which is why this product is so exciting. The Kids DVD Projector is sort of an all-in-one solution for kids to watch movies around the house all by themselves. It has a built in DVD player and speaker, so all your kids need is an outlet to plug it in and a wall to project it on. It also has a mic input so kids can use karaoke DVDs too.
The projector uses an LED light and projects up to 45 inches (a 480×240 resolution). We’re not talking hi-def here, but it looks like a totally fun thing for your kids to use on vacation, sleep-overs or just on a rainy afternoon.

It will be available for an MSRP of $129 in April of 2011. Check it out at

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