CES 2011: Portable Blu-ray Disc Player From Sony


CES 2011

What do you do when you start building up a Blu-ray disc collection, but your kids can’t play any of them in the portable DVD player because they’re Blu-ray? According to Sony, by the end of 2011 at least half of all the video discs sold will be Blu-ray, so they made this — the BDP-SX1000 Portable Blu-ray Disc Player.

It works just like the one you currently own for your kids, except it plays Blu-ray as well as DVD. It’s perfect for the car as well as hotels or any other place you might want to bring your own Blu-ray player to. It has 1080p HDMI output, a five hour battery life and the biggest screen Sony has made on a portable disc player yet: 10.1 inches. And it weighs the same as any portable player you might be used to.

They wouldn’t tell me a price or a release date, but it should be available in the spring for around $300.

Christopher Ford