CES 2011: Razer Switchblade Gaming Device


The coolest video game product I saw at CES isn’t even a product yet. It was a prototype gaming device that, if it works as promised, might be a must-have device for hardcore gamers everywhere.
Simply put, the Razer Switchblade is a  small net-book PC running Windows 7 with a few unbelievably cool features for PC gamers. There is an LCD screen underneath the keyboard which can make the keys appear like anything you want. So for each game the keys don’t only map to different functions, but they look different too. The viewing screen is also a touch screen, which they tell me for games like World of Warcraft would be very useful in a device this size.

It also comes with 3G and WiFi and should be able to run any PC game. They weren’t letting people use it at the show so I wasn’t able to try it out, but at a show with very few “wow” products this was near the very top of the list.

It’s still a prototype so no info on pricing or availability (usually this means at least a year). Check it all the other pictures and demo video at

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