CES 2011: The AR Drone iPhone Controlled Helicopter


CES 2011

Without a doubt, the coolest toy I saw at CES this year is the AR Drone helicopter from French company, Parrot. At $299, it’s not cheap, but it’s seriously cool.
Four rotors and an automatic stability system keeps the thing floating, and you control it using your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The coolest thing though is the camera in front as well as below, giving you a real-time video feed right to your device.

It also looks fairly easy to pilot, and at the show, Parrot had a space outdoors where regular attendees could try it out. To be honest, my words don’t really do it justice: you should really check out the video I took at the show (check back for it later). And unless you feel like dropping three hundred bucks, make sure you don’t show it to your kids.

Christopher Ford