CES 2011: ToughSkin iPhone 4 Case From Speck


CES 2011

Every year at CES I look for the absolute toughest, most hardcore iPhone case I can find: because kids love small digital devices, but they aren’t always the kindest to them. The winner this year for the case that can take the maximum punishment while keeping the phone safe — the ToughSkin from Speck.

The ToughSkin is really two cases and a holster clip. First there is a plastic chassis that goes around your iPhone like a normal plastic case. Then there is a very thick silicone skin that wraps around that for more protection. Then the whole thing clips into a belt holster which also doubles as a stand for keeping the phone upright when you want to watch movies on it. It doesn’t cover the screen when in use, but when you’re not looking at the phone, you are supposed to put it in the silicone skin backwards, protecting the screen.

The only negative I could find is it will only be available in black. But if that’s not an issue, the ToughSkin will cost $34.95 and will be available in February of 2011. Check it out at

Christopher Ford