Charming Flashcard Wall Art


Sick of animals and alphabets on your nursery wall? What about making some vintage flashcard art yourself! I’m loving this collection over at Chez Larsson. The nostalgic and charming feel to these diy prints made with old vintage flashcards are perfect to decorate your infant or child’s room. Ten years ago you would have had to sift through old boxes in your grandparents’ attic or hit flea markets regularly to stumble across some vintage flashcards, but with sites now like etsy you can easily find them on our best friend, the internet. And most for under a dollar! It would make a really special baby gift too.

Continue reading to see my favorite vintage flashcards picks from etsy to create your own flashcard wall art…

Harmonie’s Park on Etsy

Good Goods shop

Glen Creative Reuse Shop

Photos: Chez Larsson and etsy