From Knocked Up to Knockout. WIN a Pair of Hope Jeans!


Hope Jeans Maternity

One of the biggest mom frustrations has to be outgrowing our skinny designer jeans. I can’t tell you the frustration I had when I bought a very expensive J Brand pair only to find that I would never ever fit into them again. That said, there’s also the equally annoying aspect of having to go out and buy maternity clothes that we will only wear for a few months before giving them up for good.

Which is why I was so thrilled to find a new solution to our new mom style woes. The Hope Jean. Find out why this is the only jean you will ever have to buy again…

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The Hope Maternity Jean from Salsa Fits My Life is a god send! The jeans come with a detachable waistband that allows you to wear these babies through every stage of your life. When you find your bump getting zipper, just zip off the existing waistband and put on the elastic belly band. Then, you’re back to your former fit or relatively fit self as was in my case,  just pop the denim waistband back and no one will know the difference.

Genius. Gorgeous. Afordable ($114). And did I say genius?


Ellen wrote:

I wore jeans so much during my first pregnancy, I knew I would need an upgrade the next time I’m pregnant. These look awesome!!