Chic Diaper Storage. No, Really.


Wooli felt diaper caddyThe baby industry has, in recent years, prettified most of the formerly unglamorous accoutrements to the entirely unglamorous act of diaper changing. Designer changing table? Oh yes. Trendy diaper bag? Certainly. There are even fashionable diapers (hello Huggies “denim”), and must-have wipe dispensers.

But this is the first comely caddy I’ve seen. Maybe it’s because I love nothing more than simple, straightforward form-follows-function design. Or maybe it’s because I’ve never met an industrial felt object I didn’t want to take home. Whatever the reason, this stitched hanging basket from Canadian company Wooli really speaks to me.

Hang it from the side of your crib and always have dipes and wipes in easy reach. There are two compartments, so you can find what you need without taking your eyes off that wriggly baby. The orange tabs are awesome, but they also have white in case orange isn’t in your color scheme. Available in their Etsy shop, along with some of the cutest toy chests you’ll ever see.

Wooli felt diaper caddy

Wooli felt toy box

Wooli Felt toy box

Images: Wooli