City Walks with Kids


I’m getting ready for a move to Paris with my family next month and we were given this package of Chronicle Books City Walks with Kids Series. These make a fantastic going away gift. After reading through them I can’t wait to get out and have adventures in the City of Lights with my two kids.

Each walk has a detailed map with Metro directions and a reccomendation of a kid friendly place to grab a snack. Brilliant! But the real reason we love these is…

Read more to see why these are so great and to see what other cities come in the series.

The best part about this deck of cards is they are so transportable. You can put one or two in your pocket or diaper bag and you have all the information you need for impromptu escapades in the city. The cards also are made for San Francisco, New York, London, and Washington D.C. Get yours right here.