Classic Office Supplies from Schoolhouse Electric


Schoolhouse Electric is one of my go to sources for lighting ideas, but as Anna recently reminded me, they have a host of other stylish items, like these classic office supplies. As I’m currently living out of boxes in my office, I spent a bit of time there dreaming of useful, pretty organization. Someday.

  • 14 Classic Office Supplies 1 of 15

    While I keep dreaming (and unpacking. So much unpacking) here are 14 classic office supplies for your perusal. 

    Click through and style up your perfect desk. For me. 

  • Clock 2 of 15

    Stay on task with this bright and cheery classic clock. 

    From Schoolhouse Electric, $275. 

  • Telephone Pad 3 of 15

    Sometimes you need to take a message. Or write a note. You need the perfect little pad. This is it. 

    From Schoolhouse Electric, $10.

  • Trash Bin 4 of 15

    It can be tricky to hide the trash bin in an office and with this pretty little thing you don't have to try. 

    From Schoolhouse Electric, $125. 

  • Letter Opener 5 of 15

    Letter opener (snail mail is the new email), ruler and perfect desk accoutrement. 

    From Schoolhouse Electric, $20.

  • Folding Ruler 6 of 15

    This classic style will be just right set next to your brass letter opener. 

    From Schoolhouse Electric, $6. 

  • Tape Dispenser 7 of 15

    Made from poured concrete, no one's "accidentally" wandering off with this guy. 

    From Schoolhouse Electric, $38. 

  • Folding Scissors 8 of 15

    Cute, functional and portable. 

    From Schoolhouse Electric, $8.

  • Tape Dispenser #2 9 of 15

    In case you need options for your tape dispensing needs. 

    From Schoolhouse Electric, $50.

  • Hand Stapler 10 of 15

    A pop of color for your desk. 

    From Schoolhouse Electric, $28.

  • Snapbook Linen Notebook 11 of 15

    All too often that pretty notebook has to be tossed when filled. This one can be reused over and over. 

    From Schoolhouse Electric, $48. 

  • Combination Tool 12 of 15

    Proving that pretty tools is not an oxymoron. 

    From Schoolhouse Electric, $22.

  • Book Darts 13 of 15

    Unobtrusively mark up your books for future reference. 

    From Schoolhouse Electric, $10. 

  • Pencil Case 14 of 15

    Vinyl colorblock case with stripes inside. Fun and retro. 

    From Schoolhouse Electric, $26. 

  • Brass Number Clips 15 of 15

    I'm not entirely sure how I'd use these, but I'm quite certain that I need them. 

    From Schoolhouse Electric, $20 for the set of 12. 

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