Cleaner dog, cleaner house, happy mom: Thank you, Dyson Dog Groomer!

Dyson Dog Groomer
Meet Leo

A guest post from Strollerderby, Baby’s First Year and Home/Work blogger Katie Allison Granju:

Let me introduce you to our dog, Leo. Leo is a Great
Pyrenees, an ancient livestock guardian breed from France. As you can
see from the photo of Leo taking a leisurely stroll around our
neighborhood with our toddler, Great Pyrenees are known for their
gentleness with children. They are exceptionally calm, loyal,
beautiful and watchful dogs. We adore Leo, and often say that he’s
really the perfect family canine, except for one thing, and that thing
is the unbelievable quantity of white, fluffy hair that he
manages to shed all over our house.

Leo’s shedding is epic. I am certain that he leaves enough of his coat in the corners of our rooms and all over our clothing on a weekly basis that if I were a crafty sort, I could spin it into yarn and knit up numerous bulky sweaters.

As it happens, there actually are people out there who collect their Great Pyrenees’ giant, floating tufts of hair and create knitted goodies with it. I, however, deal with the issue in a less creative way. I vacuum our house incessantly, and I pay out more than I would like to have Leo professionally groomed 4-7 times each year, which helps a lot, but doesn’t solve the problem completely. Aside from the shedding issue, Leo’s coat is kind of tricky to keep clean on a regular basis, between those professional groomings. I mean, look at him. Can you imagine trying to bathe him in our bathtub? In the summer months, I wash him outside in the hose every week or two, but it’s a huge hassle, and it takes him forever to dry.

Obviously, Leo’s family was perfectly suited to try out the brand new Dog Groomer from Dyson.

dyson dog groomer
Is the Dyson Dog Groomer worth the buy?

The tool is an accessory that attaches to most models of Dyson vacuuum, creating a sort of superpowered dog grooming brush with vacuum suction, pulling the hair that comes off onto the brush straight into the vacuum cleaner.The idea is that by using Dyson’s Dog Groomer regularly, you capture the dog hair in the vacu cleaner before it ends up floating around your house. It’s similar in concept to a product those of us who have groomed horses have been using for years – a sort of equine shop vac that has become indispensable around the stable in recent years. So a home version for big, hairy dogs sounded like genius to

However, having already shelled out the bucks last year for a Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner model advertised to be designed especially to deal with dog hair, and featuring a dog grooming attachment, I was skeptical of Dyson’s claims that their new Dog Groomer would actually work. That’s because the Dirt Devil version we bought turned out to be a giant waste of time. The metal rake on the grooming tool didn’t actually get into Leo’s thick fur well enough to do much good, and even the hair it did manage to attract never got sucked into the vacuum without a lot of effort on my part to manually pull it off of the grooming tool and sort of stuff it toward the vacuum suction. It was very much not worth the money or the time I spent messing around with it. So I wasn’t hopeful that another brand’s version of the same vacuum-powered grooming tool would be much better.

But last weekend, having been given one of the Dyson Dog Groomer tools by the company to review, I decided to give the concept another go. Leo was kind of dirty anyway, so he needed a good brushing. My husband Jon found the Dyson Dog Groomer attachment a little bit tricky to figure out how to attach to the vacuum cleaner, but after a second look at the directions, he had it hooked up and handed it over to me to try out on a disapproving-looking Leo.

I noticed right away that the Dyson Dog Groomer had really long prongs on the rake designed to go through dogs’ fur, and indeed, that thing cut through Leo’s slightly matted, very thick winter coat like a warm knife through melted butter. It was amazing. And with the push of a button, the huge amounts of hair that the well designed tool removed from my dog’s coat were quickly and completely sucked up into the vacuum. It was fantastic! Within only 15 minutes, Leo’s coat looked almost as good as after he comes home from one of his professional groomings. He was all shiny and clean. And better yet, I could see that I had quickly and easily sucked up an entire vacuum cannister full of dog hair and dirt that would now never end up on my floors and furniture. Although Leo was unsure what he thought of being brushed with the vacuum-powered Groomer at first, he pretty quickly settled down and seemed to enjoy it.

This thing is the bomb. At an average retail cost of $59.99, the Dyson Dog Groomer should save our family a bundle on professional grooming costs each year, not to mention the impact it will have on the general cleanliness of our house, and our dog. Obviously, if you don’t already own a Dyson vacuum cleaner model that works with the Groomer, the investment would be significantly higher, but depending on how much you spend on professional grooming for your dog over the course of a
year or two, and how much your dog’s shedding bothers you, even that more substantial investment is likely to have a pretty satisfying payoff.

Of course, you could always spend the money on a giant spinning wheel instead.

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