Let's Forget About The Designer Brands For A Minute


I am all for designer brands. I write about them everyday here on Family Style, as well as on my own website Child Mode. I am fascinated with the different styles, outrageous and not-so outrageous prices, cuts, prints and originality, that the big wigs are known for. But you know, sometimes it’s the everyday brands that we love and know so well, that come to the rescue with great quality products that are inexpensive and easy-to-find.

Take Carter’s for example. Their clothing is fab, their bedding is adorable, and their jersey crib sheets are super cuddly.

Find out where you can buy these sheets after the jump!

When you ask someone what their most comfortable piece of clothing is, they usually opt for their favorite worn-out cotton tee. Now, imagine taking that same jersey material (new of course) and making it into sheets. What makes this fabric so great is that it keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Carter’s has a line of Easy-Fit 100% Cotton Jersey crib sheets that are made with a 200 thread count. They come in 6 soft pastel colors, have reinforced corners for durability and fit standard crib mattresses.

Now, for the best part – at $9.99 they are oh so affordable! has all 6 colors in stock.

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