Coolest. Coloring Book. Ever


When it comes to cool coloring books, the team here at Family Style has no shortage of ideas. Remember Sunny’s Hermes Coloring Book and Michele’s recent coloring book roundup? So many cool options. But when I spotted this Sneaker Coloring Book, I knew this was the true marriage of fashion and creativity. Now your little sneakerheads will be able to create and color in their own books without making you spend hours customizing your own kicks online and spending a bundle in the process.

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But this isn’t just a coloring book. Consider this a mini encyclopedia of sneaker history. Offering 100 of the most iconic sneaker designs dating all the way back to 1916, you’ll find over 16 labels from Nike to Adidas Originals to Pumas. So it’s educational, too, provided you want your kids to grow up designing sneakers for a living.

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