Coolest Socks for Baby by Trumpette


Alright I know the whole baby-socks-that-look-like-shoes thing is not a new concept but the idea definitely has taken off and now they have everything from “cowboy boots” to these skater Vans look-a-likes. How cute are these? They’re by Trumpette and now they have about 30 different styles.When my oldest was born, someone gave me the Trumpette maryjane version (when it was a fairly new thing) as a gift. Then I bought some of the ones that look like Converse sneakers… and then I just couldn’t help myself by accessorizing with them all the time. Now four years later they have a whole slew of new ones out there. They sell them six in a box for $26.50. They make a fantastic gift. See some cute ones after the jump…

These look like open-toed mules!! Seriously?! So cute…

Love the preppy boat shoe style!

These are so cute- they look like jelly shoes…

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