Cozy Home Products for Winter!


I love the rich, organic style over at Canvas. Here are a few favorite products to make your home feel cozy this winter.

1. Reclaimed Wood Tray. Trays like this are perfect for organizing small clutter and styling tabletops around the house (think: a vase of flowers, a candle and some knick-knacks).

More products and a code for 20% off at Canvas after the jump!

2. Syrian Vases. January ushers in the first of the spring flowers. These vases are perfect for forced branches, tulips, hyacinths, and anemones.

3. Canvas ‘Basics’ Candles. I own these candles for their clean, authentic fragrances and simple packaging. I keep them burning all winter long.

4. Round Pillows. Made from linen or velvet, these pillows are gorgeous tossed on the floor and on the sofa.

5. Paper Mache Waste Bin. Made by hand in Haiti, this trash can is more like a piece of art. There’s also a matching stool!

For 20% off at Canvas, enter discount code “Winter11″.

Photos: Canvas.