10 Awesome Items Made From Recycled Crayons


Earlier this summer, fellow Family Style blogger Michelle pulled together a  round-up of mustache products to in honor of her expecting friends’ baby sons, including an adorable set of recycled mustache crayons from Etsy.

This got me thinking. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve sketching the day away with a box of Crayola crayons cradled in one arm, whether my my canvas was my notepad, a restaurant paper placemat, or–just this one time–the wall in my family’s living room.

Fast forward many years to 2010. Suddenly, I’m feeling a little robbed as a child. Because I discovered these ridiculously amazing, impressively intricate owls.

Oh, yes, did I mention they’re crayons? Who wants Crayolas when you’ve got these?

10 Most Awe-Inspiring Recycled Crayons (all non-toxic!):

Yes, I’ve already introduced this NiklynDesign’s owl crayons, but they deserve a closer look. Have you ever seen a pair of eyes more mesmerizing? Any kid would be more than lucky to have these. ($5.95 for 3)

Got a little one who wants to save the world? These super cool Batman emblems from LilDoodler will make anyone feel like an honored hero. Perfect for party favors, too. ($15.95 for 10)

LilDoodler’s jumbo dinosaurs are as good as any plastic model–even better they also serve as drawing utensils. Don’t you just love things that do double-duty? ($10.95 for 8 )

These cupcake crayons from Zeebree are just for the kid with the unrelenting sweet tooth. Maybe this is just the foodie in me speaking, but they look as good to eat as the stuff from the oven! ($6 for 6)

There so many Halloween-themed crayons out there on Etsy, but something about the blending of colors in Art2theextreme’s jumbo candy corns looks extremely realistic and yummy. ($7 for 3)

Gone are the days of labeling crayon boxes with Magic markers–Zeebree’s personalized crayons speak for themselves! (Prices vary depending on length) Full alphabet also available.

Just like the dino crayons, Zeebree’s Lego men are just as good as any other toy. But they win extra points for standing hands-free, just like the real thing. ($2.95 for 4)

Do you have a set of crayons that work little developing brains like these jumbo puzzle pieces from Ivylanedesigns? No, didn’t think so. ($12 for 3)

Don’t want to go all fancy-pants? Designacrayon’s zoo animals will do the job. Simple, sleek, but still super cute, they’re the most user-friendly of the bunch in this blog post. ($8 for 4)

For those who know me, it should be no surprise that I’ve left the best for the last. It’s a shiny police badge. Made of crayon. With a dispatch radio. What else do I possibly need to say? (NiklynDesigns, $12.95 for 10)