Cute Kids Clothes from an Amazing Family Photographer!


Max Wanger is one of our all-time favorite photographers. His family portrait work is absolutely jaw-dropping. So we’re thrilled to see that he’s launched a new website that incorporates motifs from his photos into must-have adorable kids tee shirts! The little bird, the playful giraffe: could it get any cuter?

Keep reading to see more from Max’s new shop full of great kids clothes–and some adult clothing, accessories and photo prints as well!

These silhouettes of sign language hands spell the word L-O-V-E. The shirt comes in kids and adult sizes, and we think that every family needs one of each!

To Buy: Bird Onesie $20, Giraffe Shirt $20, Kids L-O-V-E Shirt $20, Adult L-O-V-E shirt $25.