Cute Workout Clothes: 20 Favorites!


I don’t think there’s any reason why working out can’t involve a cute outfit! Steal some cute warm-up shorts from the ballerinas or try a daring jumpsuit from Addidas’s new collection of 90’s inspired workout gear. Maybe a dolman sleeve, loose-fitting t-shirt paired with fitted drawstring pants is more your thing. Take a peek at these ideas and more, after the jump!

  • Olympic T-Shirt 1 of 20
    Olympic T-Shirt
    Get into the Olympic spirit with this vintage reproduction t-shirt from Gap!
    $24.95 at Gap.
  • Jumpsuit 2 of 20
    Adidas and Opening Ceremony have paired up for a super cool collection of athletic ware.
    $170 at Opening Ceremony.
  • Retro Shorts 3 of 20
    Retro Shorts
    These retro style shorts are great for running, walking, or hiking.
    $35 at Lucy.
  • Ballet-Inspired Tank 4 of 20
    Ballet-Inspired Tank
    Wear this pale pink cross back tank for yoga or pilates.
    $24.95 at Gap.
  • Printed Sneakers 5 of 20
    Printed Sneakers
    These floral print sneakers from Adidas and Opening Ceremony are great for cycling.
    $175 at Opening Ceremony.
  • Dolman Sleeve T-Shirt 6 of 20
    Dolman Sleeve T-Shirt
    This 80's inspired shirt is great for before and after workouts and cool-downs in yoga class!
    $44 at Garnet Hill.
  • Relaxed T-shirt 7 of 20
    Relaxed T-shirt
    Wear this loose t-shirt for yoga, walking, running, or dance class.
    $24.95 at Gap.
  • Slim Cargo Pants 8 of 20
    Slim Cargo Pants
    These slim fit cargo pants from Lucy are great for hiking, cycling or walking.
    $89 at Lucy.
  • Pointelle Knit Shorts 9 of 20
    Pointelle Knit Shorts
    These pointelle shorts look great over tights or leggings for dance or yoga class.
    $20 at Carpezio.
  • Roll-Over Pants 10 of 20
    Roll-Over Pants
    Wear this slim fitting pants for dance, aerobics, or yoga. The waist rolls--over for a flattering and fun detail.
    $26.65 at Discount Dance Supply.
  • Heathered Cotton Sweats 11 of 20
    Heathered Cotton Sweats
    If you are going to own a pair of sweat pants this should be the one! The heathered cotton is constructed in a slim fitting style with a drawstring waist.
    $65 at J. Crew.
  • Pleated Harem Pants 12 of 20
    Pleated Harem Pants
    These harem pants look comfy for lounging or working out.
    $39.95 at Gap.
  • Dance Shorts 13 of 20
    Dance Shorts
    Layer these dance shorts for a sweet ballerina look!
    $22.95 at Discount Dance Supply.
  • Black Leggings 14 of 20
    Black Leggings
    These basic black leggings from Gap are a great way to layer for work-outs.
    $29.95 at Gap.
  • Drawstring Pants 15 of 20
    Drawstring Pants
    Perfect for weekends at home or workouts during the week, these comfy drawstring pants have pockets with pretty detailing.
    $39.99 at Lucy.
  • Knit Jumpsuit 16 of 20
    Knit Jumpsuit
    This dance jumpsuit looks so comfy for lounging around or wearing to dance class on Saturday morning.
    $35 at Capezio.
  • Warm-Up Sweater 17 of 20
    Warm-Up Sweater
    I am no ballerina but that doesn't mean I can't steal a few pieces from her wardrobe! This sweater is great to wear over workout clothes on your way to the gym.
    $22.50 at Discount Dance Supply.
  • Fleece Jumpsuit 18 of 20
    Fleece Jumpsuit
    It doesn't get much more comfortable than a fleece jumpsuit! Layer with leggings or tights for workouts.
    22.95 Euros at Dance Direct.
  • Cashmere Sweatshirt 19 of 20
    Cashmere Sweatshirt
    Wear this indulgent cashmere sweatshirt to and from workouts or just lounging around on the weekends.
    $248 at J.Crew.
  • Organic Cotton Shorts 20 of 20
    Organic Cotton Shorts
    Layer these cotton shorts for workouts or Saturday mornings around the house.
    Similar items at Discount Dance Supply.

Top photos:  Capezio and GapAll other photos from respective sources. 

Chelsea Fuss is a blogger and prop stylist based in Portland who blogs daily at Frolic!

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