Cutest Baby Costumes Ever (For Reals)


Toma Arma Baby Costumes We use the superlative “cutest” around here a lot but I’m about to declare a winner of the “cutest” contest. My friend introduced me to Tom Arma costumes a few years ago and I’ve been a loyal costumer ever since. The costumes are for young children with sizing ranging from 6 months to 5T. These aren’t your cheap premade costumes, they have detailing comparable to something handmade.

I have a little trick on how to get a deal one of these designer costumes.

See more super cute costumes and my little trick after the jump.

Every year that I’ve bought one I’ve held onto it until October comes and put it up for sale on Craigslist. These costumes keep their value so well that I can usually sell them for about $15 less than what I paid new. You can see a full selection of Tom Arma costumes at Halloween Express for about $50.

Tom Arma CostumeTom Arma CostumeTom Arma Costume