Cutest Birdhouses Ever! No Really…


My kid has a thing for birds. She loves all her feathered friends be it a swan, a sparrow, and on occasion, even an average street pigeon.  Due to her love of all things avian, we of course had to put up a birdhouse in our backyard. It was s simple structure. No bells, no whistles and sadly no birds. They did not flock to our little urban oasis. But now I think I know why, we didn’t have a Luke Bartels & Jeff Canham one-of-a-kind bird house.

These two San Franciscians created a line of whimsical, original and unique hand-crafted birdhouses for their For the Birds —Avian Establishments for the Urban Bird collection that was shown at the store and gallery The Curiosity Shoppe in San Francisco. But one thing, these beautiful homes for are winged pals don’t come cheap. The ones that are still available sell for $675.  Perhaps it would exist better safely instead in the hall then by the hydrangeas.

Check out some of the adorable homes for birds below. For more info go right here.

Photos: The Curiosity Shoppe

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