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Aren’t these just the cutest Valentine’s cards for your little girl to hand out in class this year? Made by Kimberly Gosney, a mom behind the Etsy shop Hope Loves Cards, these Valentines can be customized to what your little girl looks like. And good news: There’s still time to order them by Valentine’s Day!

Continue reading for more examples of how the Valentine can be personalized, as well as when to order them by:

Your Valentine’s cards will be personalized by hair color, eye color, hair style, skin tone and your child’s name — you just have to specify what your little one looks like. In fact, these are the Valentines that Kimberly’s little girl, Kathryn, will be bringing to Kindergarten this year — except hers are going to be glittery. (She’ll add some sparkle for free if you have a glitter girl too!)

To have these adorable personalized, handmade Valentine’s cards by Valentine’s Day, place your order by Sunday, February 6. You’ll get a box of 16 cards for $25 (+ $4.96 USPS Priority shopping). And not only will you have unforgettable, one-of-a-kind kids Valentines, but you’ll also be supporting a mom like you! (A win, win.)

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