Cyber Monday Sale Alert


Beaba Food CookerMost moms I know live in Babies ‘R Us the first few years of baby’s life. After all, just when you think you’ve got all the baby gear and clothing you’ll ever need, along comes a well-meaning friend to tell you all about that new swing, car seat technology, or super-baby gizmo you just can’t live without.

Fortunately, you can take that to-buy list straight to and take advantage of their super Cyber Monday Sale. It’s one day only and offers up to 20% off thousands on items you really can’t live without, like this cult-status Beaba Baby Cook processor and food set.

Click through for a shipping discount…

You’ll also get free shipping on everything (standard shipping only, up to a $25 value) with your purchase of $100 or more. So get there now so you can scratch those items off your list once and for all.